Perfect Places to put your Keywords in Post

Writing quality articles with sufficient quantity is like an art. You have to write an article such that it should be good and interesting for your visitors and also good SEO optimized in eyes of search engines. In writing a good article Keywords plays a very important role and should be wisely used. This post explains about some of the key area in post to include your Keywords.


keywords in postPerfect Places to put your Keywords in Post


As said above writing a good article is really an art and everybody can’t be good at it. But we can work to make our article good by using simple and effective tricks and can make article interesting and search engine friendly.

Tip 1: Write article for your users not for search engine but make it visible to search engine by using keywords.


6 Awesome Places to put your Keyword in Post


1. In post title: The most important place to put your keyword is the post title. It is the first thing which user and search engine looks and you must put your keyword in the post title whether it is a custom title or your main title.

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2. In post/page URL: URL (Universal resource locator) is the second important place where you must put your keyword. After indexing your title search engine also matches the user search request with url of the post or article. Sometimes it happens that while writing any article our post url is automatically saved as numbers or few words which you put in the title, so before publishing your article you must check your post url and put a keyword in it if not there.

Like in this article, I am focusing on word keyword and post and both are in my post title and url. Also avoid putting stop words in your URL like to, in, you, for, from etc.

Tip 2: Set your permalinks to Post name in your blog setting if you are using WordPress. Blogspot users can use the custom permalink option within post settings.


3. In H1, H2 and H3 tags: Using headings and subheading is the best way to divide your article/post and also it gives users more friendly look and visitor tends to read more. Heading and sub-heading are also major place where you can put your keyword and it is one of the best practice to you H1 or H2 tags in your post with your keyword whenever possible.


4. In page description: This is also one of the best place to put your focused keyword. Try to use your keyword on starting paragraph of your article say in 50 words and if you want to more customize it also put a good page description in custom meta page/post description if your WordPress theme supports that.


5. In the ALT tags on images: Images are also a very good source of traffic. Many posts of aren’t ranking well in search engine but our images rank first in position in image search so we get decent traffic from there too. This is all because of ALT tags on images.

The search engine does not understand images but it reads its title and ALT tags, so you can put your keyword in that for more traffic and visibility.


6. In post paragraph: After putting your keyword in all the places as mentioned in above 5 points, you can still put your keyword anywhere in article wherever it fits as per your writing. You can put your keywords in middle of article, in the last paragraph, in text links etc. and try to make those keywords bold wherever necessary.

Tip 3: Do not overuse keywords, otherwise search engine will consider that article as KEYWORD STUFFED Article.

Hope you have liked this article and will try to implement this on your blog articles too. If I have missed any place, please point it out through your comments and emails. You can also leave your feedback at our Facebook or Google+ page.

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