No Option for Forgot Screen Time Passcode [Solved]

Screen Time is an important feature on iOS devices that allows users to set limits and restrictions for app usage, restrict content, and monitor overall device usage. By setting a screen time passcode, users can protect these settings from being changed by others

This feature of iOS devices is very useful in restricting your kids from watching for a certain amount of time.

No Option for Forgot Screen Time Passcode

The Dilemma of a Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

Sometimes, users set a strong passcode for Screen Time that they later forget. This results in the frustrating scenario of no longer being able to access or change Screen Time settings without entering the passcode.

There are some easy way to change/reset the forgotten screen time passcode that are being discussed in this article.

[2-Methods] No Option for Forgot Screen Time Passcode

If you have forgotten the screen time passcode and there is “no option for forgot screen time passcode” on your or your child’s iPad or iPhone, then there could be the following reason and solution.

1. If the problem is with your child’s device, check if they are a member of any family group. If yes, any adult or group administrator can reset the screen time passcode by navigating to screen time settings on their device.


i) On the organizer’s device, go to Settings > Screen Time.

ii) Scroll down and choose a child’s name under Family.

iii) Tap Change Screen Time Passcode, then tap Change Screen Time Passcode again. Then authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

No Option for Forgot Screen Time Passcode [Solved]

Note: You can also follow the same step on your Mac.

2. If the above solution doesn’t resolve the “No option for forgot Screen Time passcode” issue, then check if you are using the correct Apple ID.

The Apple ID should be the same on your device that was used to set the password.

How to Reset a Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

If you simply forgotten the password of Screen Time on your iPhone or iPad, don’t panic.

Here are the steps to resolve it:

  1. Make sure your iOS device meets the minimum requirements – iOS 12.4 or later or iPad OS 12.4 or later.
  2. Backup your device to iCloud or iTunes. This will allow you to restore data if anything goes wrong.
  3. On the device, open Settings > Screen Time and tap “Forgot Passcode?“.
  4. A prompt will ask you to enter your device passcode, Apple ID password, or confirmation from a trusted device to proceed.

Once verified successfully, you’ll be able to reset and change the Screen Time passcode without losing any data.

If nothing is working for you, contact Apple support:


Forgetting a Screen Time passcode doesn’t require extreme measures like factory resetting your iPhone or iPad anymore. Just make sure your device meets the OS requirements, backup data, and use the Forgot Passcode option to conveniently recover access.


Q. Will I lose all app data if I reset my Screen Time passcode?
A. No, the latest iOS/iPadOS versions allow passcode reset without data loss.

Q. What if there’s no “Forgot Passcode” option under Screen Time?
A. Check the solution above and make sure the minimum requirements of iOS are met.

Q. How to reset the screen time passcode for a child’s iOS device?
A. If that device is part of the family group, ask the group organizer to reset the password. If you as an adult have permission, you can do it too.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions! I’m happy to help explain further.

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