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How I become A Blogger


I started my blogging career during my 4th year of Engineering back in 2009. Just like any other Engineering student I was searching for aptitude questions and answer from my hostel for campus placement and while searching I came to know about a site called

It was providing aptitude questions and also rewarding members who post them. I liked the idea and was attracted very much and quickly join ISC for learning and earning extra money part-time. I would like to thanks Tony John for this awesome site.

After posting quite frequently in ISC, I soon reach the diamond level, and that time I have also started 2 blogs as a personal hobby on Blogspot which is a free blogging platform. Due to my good work, I become editor their and started earning little more for moderating posts. After a few months, I left ISC as editor and started working full time on my websites and this is how my blogging journey begins.

I am a blogger for the past 4 years and like other new bloggers made many mistakes in the starting, some were very big and some were small. During these years many ups and down came into my life and I always gained something from that. And the conclusion from all my experience is that never give up and learn from your mistakes.

Never Give Up and work hard to achieve your goals.


How Tech2Blog was started


From 2011 I was thinking to start a general-purpose blog where I can post all information regarding technology, blogging, software reviews, and other useful things. Due to my busy schedule, I was not able to think a proper domain name for my blog and after researching and searching for many domains I finally got Our site was officially launched in January 2012, though our first post was published on 11th December about Adsense new Update for invalid activity.

Though the post was not a huge success as we were new in the blogosphere and were just growing. I continued to write and soon started getting from search engines. At we cover topics related to Blogging, WordPress, Themes, Tips and tricks, ways of making money online, SEO tips, Software and mobile reviews, affiliate marketing and on many more categories.


You must be wondering who is behind this awesome website?


Yes that’s me, Pawan Bahuguna, who loves to write on different topics whether it is technology, mobile reviews, software, new gadgets, blogging, different how to’s, etc. You make connect with me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or can directly email me.