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Guide on How to Protect your Blog Content

These days everything is available on the WWW. A huge range of digital property exists online in the form of blogs or websites ranging from documents, videos, images, websites, business processes, patents or products in an online store. More and more businesses are shifting towards online, selling their assets online …

Top 11 Minimalist WordPress Themes For 2020

The minimalist trend in web design has been around for years and today it still looks fresh and fashionable. In 2020 and for the next several years, minimalist web design trend will continue to grasp people’s attention for sure. “Keeping things simple is the whole purpose of minimal design”. The …

Receive Payments Easily with Payoneer

Receiving payments from U.S. or U.K based companies has always been a problem for freelancers, affiliate marketers, and bloggers. But with the new service from Payoneer, anyone can receive payments in US dollar or Euro easily in over 100 currencies directly to your bank account, reducing the transfer fees.