Online Broken Link Checker for Bloggers

When it comes to internal optimization of the website then there are many factors to be considered. Page speed of website, theme or template, design, structure etc. are some of the important points to be considered for internal website optimization. And one more important point to be consider is broken link and this post will cover some of the free web based broken link checker.

Broken links are very dangerous for any website and thus should be removed or corrected immediately. They not only can affect your ranking in search engine but also give a bad user experience. Your PageRank can also go down because of broken links.


Broken link checker


WordPress has a good plugin to check broken links like Broken Link Checker by Janis Elsts but we miss this facility in the Blogger blogging platform. So I have collected some of the online tools which are very good for your broken link analysis.

The main types of broken links are 404 which not found error and 504 which gateway error. Bad host is also one of the other type of the broken link.


Online Broken Link Checker for Blogger


1. Online Broken Link Checker: This tool is very good tool and I personally like this tool very much and will recommend it. This tool will scan each page and post of your website and links present in it.


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If any broken link is found, then it will give its detail like server response, broken link and source page where broken link is found. Note that this tool will not scan your blogger template, it is ideal only for links in posts.


2. W3C Link Checker: W3C link checker is a very popular one but I found it difficult to use when it comes to find broken links on my website post.

This tool is a good in scanning link within your website templates and validate them. It also shows links which are forbidden by robots.txt file.


3. Dead Link Checker: This is another great tool to scan broken or dead links on your website and is similar to Online Broken Link Checker.

This also presents broken links in a simple table with heading status, URL and source link which is simple to understand and find broken links. If you like its service you can also purchase a subscription for automatic updates on broken links of your website on email which is good for blogspot platform.


4. Small SEO Tools Website Broken Link checker: Small SEO tools have a very good range of free SEO tools and one of which is broken link checker.

This tool scans pages and shows a check mark if the link is working and a cross or cancel sign if it is dead. This tool is good for sites having less pages and shows result in a very simple form.


5. Google Webmaster tool (GWT): Webmaster tool by Google is also a great free tool to analyze your website broken links though it only shows when those links are requested by others. Simply go to webmaster tool and website dashboard and then there you will see crawl error section.

It shows server error and not found error. You can now go to not found section and can see the error code and when this error was detected. Here you can click on the error link and go to linked from tab and it will show all the links that contain that broken link.

And from there you can analyze and correct that broken link or remove it from linked page.

Above were few of the broken link checker which I used on my website which are on blogger platform and found useful. You can also use any one of these free tools which you find easy and can remove dead links from your website and give your user and search engine better experience. If you use any other tools to scan broken links on your website do let us know.


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