Google Official Plugin for Adsense and Webmaster Tool

Hey bloggers ! There is a very good news from Google, as now Google has published its very own official Google Publisher plugin for WordPress. Blogspot has already inbuilt feature of enabling Adsense ads within this blogging platform. Though there are already many WordPress plugin for Adsense and advertisement but this one is officially from Google which include easy Adsense ad placing facility along with Webmaster tool. This is just a beta version released currently.

Google Publisher Plugin

Features of Google Publisher Plugin

This new Google Publisher Plugin (beta) comes with mainly 2 interesting features as given below.

1. Easy addition of Adsense ads to various position.
2. Easy verification of your site with Webmaster Tools.

How to setup Google Publisher Plugin

If you are having any problem in setup of your official Adsense plugin on your blog or site, below is the complete guide.

1. Got to Google publisher plugin page and download it, or directly from your WordPress dashboard you can install and activate it.

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2. After installing Google publisher plugin, you can go to plugin on your dashboard and click setting of this new Adsense plugin.

Google Adsense plugin settings

3. While using this plugin for the first time, you will have to verify your Adsense account with this plugin. For this just click go to setting of this plugin and click get started.

Google Adsense plugin get started

4. Now this plugin will try to verify your website using Google webmaster tool. Just click on Verify and it will automatically verify Webmaster tool with your website without putting any code and show your Adsense publisher ID and webmaster tools option.

Google Adsense plugin verify

5. Now you can click manage ads to start enabling Adsense ads on your website in no time. This option will analyze your website and will show best options for Adsense ads placement on your blog/website.

Google Adsense plugin manage

6. This plugin shows best possible options for ad placement. You will just have to click red balloon plus sign as it shows and your ad will be added there instantly but will only show after 10 minutes of saving the settings there as shown below in two images.

Google Adsense plugin adding ads

Google Adsense plugin ads placement

7. After saving yours Google Adsense ad placement, you will get message that your setting has been saved and ads will appear in few minutes. I will suggest to wait for 10 minute and then check your website for ads.

Note: For adding ads below post, open the post while you are in analyzing mode and and insert the ad by clicking on that red plus sign.

These were few simple steps to make your Google Adsense and Webmaster tool running smoothly without installing any codes in your website. If you still have any issue with your setup, let us know through comments and email. This is the beta version so may have some bugs but till now I have not found any problem with this plugin and it is running very smoothly.


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