Making Money Online: A Guide To A Bit of Extra Cash

Your wage never seems to go a long way, no matter how much you budget and prepare for the month ahead. By the last Monday, you are inevitably eating baked beans out of a can while wrapped up in every piece of clothing you own because you can’t afford the heating bill. Oh right, that’s just me then?! Whatever the scenario when you come to the end of the month, you can’t deny that a bit of extra cash goes a long way to supplementing your primary wage. So, instead of just thinking about how it would be good to have more money, go out and get it. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house thanks to the internet. Here’s how you do it.


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  1. EBay

The company you use doesn’t matter too much, as long as you trust them, so don’t worry if you prefer Amazon or someone else. The point to take from eBay and companies like it is that you can make money from them, quite easily. Whatever you have to sell and you don’t mind selling, get it up for sale. A good tip is to try and sell something that is high in demand because you want a bidding war to boost the price.

  1. B2B Marketing

Business to Business companies is a good company to be if you fancy making money. It is all about the middle man because that is where that cash is. As a good B2B marketing company, you will have all the information with regards to the market, trends and patterns, ratings and so on. If you can prove to other businesses that this is the case, you will be high in demand as you can make lasting connections. Lasting connections soon lead to business transactions.

  1. Website Building

The internet is a mass of businesses looking to make money, and website builders should take advantage of that fact. You can make websites for other businesses as a web design company, or you can create your website and sell that. If the latter is your plan, promote it through social media and add good quality content with links to maximize traffic.

  1. Amazon

It has been mentioned that you can choose whichever online seller you want if you are trying to sell products. But, Amazon is much more than that, and there are other ways of making cash. Amazon Associates work in conjunction with your website or blog and give you a cut of the action as a result. Any purchase made through your Amazon link is a direct payment to you as you are essentially working on commission.

  1. Elance

Don’t forget about your freelancing options. If your profession is part of any freelancing industry, get online and find websites that can help you make money. Elance is one of these companies as it deals with a wide variety of industries, from writing and editing to data entry and accounting.

There are many other options to earn money online and we time to time keep on updating through the new post, so do subscribe to our email newsletter and don’t be afraid to evaluate your options and jump in headfirst. What’s the worst that could happen?

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