Build Backlinks using Research Strategy

Building backlinks is very important for every website and blog owner. As told earlier backlinks play a very important role in the blog success and good amount of dofollow and nofollow backlinks can really give you a good ranking in search results and also a good Pagerank. In this article will learn how you can use research strategy to build your own quality backlinks from reputed website.

Backlink using research Strategy

What are Backlinks ?

This is the very important question that what are backlinks and why they are so important. In simple words Backlinks are just another link from different websites but links your website. Means your blog link on another person’s blog is a backlink for your website. As said earlier in my previous articles about backlinks, so I am not going deep into backlink definition.

Types of Backlinks

When we talk about backlinks types, then only two names come to our mind i.e. nofollow link and dofollow links. These are both the types of backlinks and both are very important for your website or blog.

There is a myth that only dofollow backlinks are good but this is false, even nofollow links are very important for your website. Consider an example where you are getting a nofollow backlink from a PR8 or PR9 website. Would you like to keep it or not. Obviously your answer would be yes.

Researching for more and better backlinks

Building quality and good PR value backlink is very hard task nowadays. As there are lots of websites in the blogosphere, so choosing the correct website for backlink is very important otherwise you can build poor backlinks and your site rankings can go down.

One of the popular and old way of building a backlink is commenting, as many of the website allows you to comment on their blog without any sign-up and you can leave your blog link too in the website field. But commenting relevantly according to the article is the key to success to get your comment approved.

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I am not going to give you tips to get your comment approved from high Pagerank blogs in this article and now will come straight to the point and will tell you how you can research for better backlinks.

As we all know, commenting on other popular and same niche blog is considered one of the best way to build backlinks and researching about backlinks of those popular blogs and website can be too very helpful to build your own backlinks.

Note: Don’t get cheap paid backlinks, it may harm your blog.

I have seen many popular blogs and websites having high PR, has many dofollow and nofollow links along with some .GOV and .EDU backlinks. Backlinks from government and educational website are very important and has a good reputation in the eyes of search engines, so even if you have a single backlink of these websites, you can get good rankings.

I am not saying that only good backlink will make your website rank higher on search engine but remember content is always the king, so keep in mind and write quality post too.

So coming to the point, start searching for backlinks of your favorite blog or your competitor website. You will be seeing that they are getting backlinks from many websites and even government and education, so note down some of these websites and see how they have got backlink from those website. In many case commenting is used to build backlinks.

You won’t believe that I have got my .GOV and .EDU backlink using my research method and I am quite satisfied with it. Though you will have to give time to this and I will suggest not trying to make multiple backlinks on one day.

There are many tools available online which provide free backlink check of any website and you can try them for free or if you like them and they are helpful to you, buy them. Two of the websites which I like to use are:


Both above site provide some free searches per day and it would be enough for you to get backlinks of a particular website to build backlinks.

Hope you have liked this article and got to know one more way to find quality backlinks without paying for them and if you have any suggestion please leave comment here or on our social pages. So don’t wait and start making quality backlinks similar to your favorite blog and start getting a high position on search results.


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