How To Make Money with RevResponse

There are lots of methods of making money online in the internet world and apart from CPC-based advertising, affiliate marketing, direct advertising selling there are other methods too. Today in this article I will discuss how you can make money with RevResponse online just by simply promoting some of the free books and magazines.

how to make money with revresponse


What is RevResponse?


RevResponse basically is a B2B affiliate program that allows bloggers, webmasters, forum owners, technology and business website owning companies etc. to monetize their platform and earn money by just promoting free eBooks, magazines and white papers.


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ReveResponse pays from $1.50 to $20 per successful lead given by you. It has many categories to promote like Education, Engineering, finance, construction, food & beverage, healthcare, government, insurance, IT, IT-Storage, Telecom, and many others. You can promote these offers in any country you like.

You can use RevResponse to monetize your Website or Blog, Email Newsletters, RSS feed, Confirmation Pages, etc. and can promote it anywhere you want.


Features of RevResponse

1. Easy code installation.

2. Easy approval for your blog.

3. Good reporting system.

4. Multiple ad formats and promotion options.

5. Hassle-free and timely payments.

6. Availability of Co-Branded Website.

7. Dedicated account manager for help.


Promotion Options in RevResponse


There are lots of offer promotion tools available with RevResponse and you can use any one of them to increase your earnings.

Offer Catalog: These allows you to select free ebooks, magazine as per your specific industry and country need. I personally used this tool a lot to promote high-paying offers to my friends and colleagues.

Ads: If you have space available on your website or blog, you can use this option to promote specific offers or depending upon your category.

RSS to Email: This tool helps in monetizing your RSS feed with this free Feedburner alternative. In a few simple steps you can migrate all your Feedburner subscriber to Revresponse RSS tool and then when your user gets an email for your post, they will also have some free offers from Revresponse and when they opt for it, you can get a commission.

As you all know Feedburner has stopped the Adsense integration, so RevResponse RSS tool can be a good alternative to it. You can design your own newsletter and there are really some good templates for it.

Confirmation Page: If you have Thank you page on your blog or website then this tool can be a good option to make money with it as this tool transform your confirmation or thank you pages by inserting money-making ad modules.

Offer Lightbox: Lightbox is an easy way to get visitor attention and if you choose this method to promote, then this tool will show an offer every time visitor visit your website.

Slideout Box: This is another great tool to grab readers’ attention and once activated a slider will emerge from the corner of your page to promote a featured offer.

Top Bar and Resource Library are other two tools to promote your offers and make money online. You also get paid for referrals and you will be paid 20% of the earnings that your referral partners generate for the first 6 months of their partnership.


Reporting of Revresponse is pretty good and you can see the report online or offline by downloading. The user can generate reports by Time Period, by Offer, by Site, by Channel, referral earnings report, payment report and RSS to Email reports.

RevResponse offer leads

Reporting is not real-time basis and if you have a lead for any offer for today then you can see its detail by tomorrow only.


Revresponse April earning report


Above is the screenshot from my April earnings and it clearly shows what I earned from Revresponse in the month of April 2014. If you have noticed, you will find that out of 24 requests, only 10 are qualified leads which shows they have a high rejection ratio too.

For the month of April, I got a maximum lead of $11.34 per offer and on average I got $6 which is very good.


Payment Proof of RevResponse & Options


RevResponse is a genuine website that pays its publisher on time and payments are done on the Net45 days basis and are done timely. I have received all my payments on time without any delay or follow-ups.

There are currently 2 options available for payment i.e. PayPal and cheque. The minimum payout for PayPal is $50. Below is the screenshot of my earnings which I received through PayPal.


revresponse payment proof


Though there are many good reasons to work as a publisher for RevResponse, but it has a few drawbacks also and you should know them. Firstly their lead rejection ratio is very high and they don’t have a clarification for that. You may have promoted their offers to your friends but you may not get the lead for most of the cases.


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Secondly, they are not providing any impression or click reports and you will have to implement your own method to track that you can use a Google URL shortener or some other shortener for this purpose.

Overall RevResponse is a good B2B network to work with and you should really try it. You can use my referral link to sign up and I will try to help you at all possible steps and will guide you the way to increase your earnings. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about RevResponse through your comments and emails.


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