Right Time to Monetize your Blog/Website

Blogging is a passion for all most all the bloggers and after blogging for years, some blogger makes blogging as a full time profession and live the good life out of it but for others it may be only a bad experience. I said bad experience because some newbie blogger wants to become a millionaire overnight and they just want to blog for money. I must tell you that those bloggers who have blogged for only money has failed 99%. So it is always advisable to go for monetization at right time in your blog.


Right Time to Monetize your Blog Website


There has been lots of discussion over “when to monetize your site or blog” after launching it. But till now there is no exact answer to this question. Some bloggers like to wait for 6 or more months before adding any advertisement to their website or blog and some add just after creating website, which are generally niche website.


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There are different-different views of all the blogger in this topic. Even some pro-bloggers like to monetize just after launching the blog/website and others have different thought about this.


Points to Remember Before Monetization


There are some points, which you should ask yourself before adding advertisement to your website. I myself always give a thought to below points before monetization in my websites.


1. Traffic: Always ask yourself that “Are you getting enough traffic to your blog?” If you will think deep in this, you will automatically get an answer to your question.

There is no use of implementing ads on your website without any traffic. New websites are like a new born baby and they don’t have any authority in this WWW world, so start your traffic goal and bring enough traffic before monetization. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your daily traffic.


2. Blogging Frequency: Second question which you should ask yourself before monetization should be on your blog updates. You should ask yourself that “Are you updating your blog regularly?” If not, then you should not go with monetization.

New useful post always drives traffic to websites and increase your online visibility, so you should be updating your blog at regular intervals. Blog updating frequency can be as per you. You can update your blog with new post daily, weekly or even monthly. I prefer updating on a weekly basis.


3. Reader Loyalty: Good posts and articles always build good relationship with the visitors of your site. And reader will land on your site, if you post good article and post on regular intervals. So your blog should also have loyal visitors, which visit your website frequently.

Visitors are only the key person, who sees your advertisements and visits your sponsors, so keeping them in mind use advertisement accordingly.


My Opinion on Monetizing Website


I always prefer to build traffic and visitor loyalty first before implementing any advertising network to my site. Even affiliates links only work when you have decent traffic to your site.

In starting months of our blog or website, we do much testing with our theme, plugins and design and I think at that point there is no use of putting ads as it may give the wrong ad impression and if you are using advertising networks such as Google AdSense, then it may be problematic for you.

Above were my views and opinion about what is the right time to monetize your website, but it may differ person to person. So you should always ask, will it be beneficial to add advertisement at this point. If you have other views on this, then I will love to hear them. Please share this article with others, if you like it and do leave your comments with your feedback. You can also Subscribe to Tech2Blog.com by Email to get free articles on your Inbox.


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