How to Remove Image Border from Genesis Theme

Genesis theme is one of the most use themes all around the world for the WordPress platform. And due to its very unique features and ease to use platform it is loved by thousands of bloggers and webmasters. If have knowledge of programming than you can also tweak this theme as per your need and this tutorial will tell you how to remove image border from Genesis theme or framework.

From quite a long time I was seeing borders on all of my images on the and it was really annoying. Tough some images looks good with border but most of them does not. So I decided to remove them and after successfully removing them from my blog, I am writing this tutorial.

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How border looks at an image can be seen below. I have given both the pictures with border and without border. You can see which one is looking good and is better for your blog/website.

image border before after

Steps to Remove Border from Image in Genesis Framework


1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and on appearance tab on left side click on editor. This will bring theme edit menu and will show you theme code.

2. Now click on style.css file to edit your stylesheet or CSS file. Before editing style.css file please take backup of it.

3. Now look for below code and in see border field. There change pixel from 0 from 1.

.entry-content img,
.featuredpage img,
.featuredpost img,
.ui-tabs img {
	background-color: #fff;
	border: 1px solid #eee;
	padding: 1px;


4. Now save your style.css file and wait for changes to be applied.

If you have some WordPress cache plugin installed on your WordPress blog, then you will have to empty the cache or have to wait for sometime to see the changes.

I hope this tutorial will be very beneficial for you guys for making your Genesis framework more good and awesome. If you are having issues with above steps, you can comment below with your problem and I will try to help. I will be posting more tutorials on Genesis in the coming days so you can subscribe to our newsletter for free and get the benefits.


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