WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Hard Disk Review

Recently, I added WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard disk to my inventory and this hardware is very important gadget to me as my Laptop hard disk was almost full. An external hard disk is very important when it comes to taking a backup of your digital data like Photos, Videos, Music, etc. and if you don’t have enough space on your hard disk, then consider buying a portable hard drive for yourself.


WD My passport 2TB Review


Today I am going to review WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Hard Disk, which is a portable hard disk from Western Digital and is a robust to. This may be the portable device you would like to have for granted.

I have a very bad habit of storing all the downloaded software, Videos, music, etc to computer hard disk even if they are not used. And regularly after a few months, my computer always has a deficiency of space. 🙂


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Though I use disk analyzing software, to see which part of the disk is taking maximum space, but deleting the data is a very tough decision, so finally I got Western Digital 2TB my passport ultra-portable hard disk with USB 3.0 connectivity.

Western Digital 2TB my passport ultra-portable hard drive has now come to my rescue and I have lot more digital space. Below are the features of this portable device.


Features of WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Hard Disk


  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Automatic and cloud backup
  • Works great with Windows 8
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Light weight
  • Compact Size
  • Password protection and hardware encryption


There are a lot many features of WD portable hard disk apart from storage. Automatic cloud backup, password protection and hardware encryption, compact are some of them. The size of this hard disk is portable and is only 0.82 inches x 3.23 inches x 4.35 inches (Length, Width, height) and only weighed 8 ounces, which is very light.


Price of WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Hard Disk


When it comes to the price of this hard disk, you don’t have to pay too much for it as compared to other manufacturers with these specifications. The WD Passport Ultra 2TB Hard Disk has a varying price at each online store. Below are some of them with prices.


Amazon.com: $93.99

Amazon.in: Rs.7, 882.00 (Price increased since I bought)

Flipkart.com: Rs.7, 932

The price of 1TB hard disk is around Rs.4, 800, so buying 2TB western digital hard disk is a great deal.


WD Hard disk Case


If you really care about your Hard disk, then don’t forget to buy a HDD case for it. It protects your hard disk from damage and dust. For this I will recommend you to have a look at Case Logic HDD cases, they are good and robust and are durable. I am having no problem till now.


Warranty of WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Hard Disk


You get 3 years of warranty with WD passport ultra 2TB hard disk which can be checked on their support website itself.


And if you did not get full 3 year warranty with your purchase, then you can open a support ticket at western digital (WD) support website immediately. The opening of a support ticket is very easy, you just have to sign up and then open a support case.


In my case, I got 3 months less warranty, when I checked it online at Western digital website. And I then follow the above method immediately and now have full 3 years of warranty. The support team is very helping and will just need your purchase bill and a serial number of your hard drive.


WD My Passport Software

Your WD My Passport hard disk comes with some awesome applications, which increase the security of your HDD and also provide backup facilities. If you install the WD application, it will automatically install below 3 application with it. You can choose if you want to install all three or not.

WD Drive utility: Utility to erase, perform diagnostic, register the drive and more.

WD Security: Set security, change security and more.

WD SmartWare: Continuous and Automatic backup of all your files. You can set continuous backup of your computer drives to your WD my passport ultra hard disk automatically or even can backup my Passport hard disk directly to your Dropbox. Soon we will create a tutorial on that.


Till now I have not faced any issue while transferring or retrieving data from WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard disk and hope it will give me the same experience in coming years. This was my review of WD My Passport Ultra hard disk, let me know what are your thoughts on this trough your comments below. If you like the article, do share it with your friends.

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