Product Review – Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is a unique product for all basic and advanced professionals, when the Linux data files are deleted accidentally. After the scanning process is completed, the software can recover some or all the selected files, from the available huge pool of scanned files.


Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery


The software comes with the ‘SMART’ features, for monitoring the parameters related to the hard drive and warning messages are displayed, with any probable drive failure situations. The chances of recovery of the lost files are increased further. The Advance Recovery option can only load a single image or volume, one at a time.

The Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software can also compress the files and save them in a compressed ZIP folder. Individual files can also be compressed with this feature. The compression of files is wanted, only when the user wants to save it on the local disk.


Different option in Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery


Data Recovery tab


The four types of scanning methods like Quick Recovery, Advance Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, and Search Lost Volumes are present under this tab.

Resume Recovery tab


An image is created with the Create Image feature of the software. The Recovery option can be resumed with the scanned information file or the image file created. The image of a partition or the entire hard drive can be created.


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Advance Options tab


The Drive Imaging and the Drive Status features fall under this tab. The Drive Imaging is for creating the exact replica of the drive or the volume. The Drive status will be for displaying the hard disk status.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery Advance tab

Recovery Services tab


This will provide information on the data recovery services by Stellar Information Systems Ltd.



The file types are to be searched before any scanning process. The File Types list has the files, that are to be searched, while scanning progresses. The software has the option of adding a file type, selecting a file type, editing the file type, and removing the file type. The scanning can be chosen for only specific file types.

When the scanning is completed, then the ‘Mask‘ option is used for narrowing down the result of the entire scan process. The required files are shown in a tree-like structure. The various mask options available by the software are ‘File of type’, Date, and ‘Size From‘.




This feature will show the recoverable files after the scanning process is over. The upper pane in the interface Window will show the preview of the file that is obtained after clicking on the file in the scanned list.




The scanned information can be saved and then resumed at a future date. This can be done from any previously scanned information or the image file on the drive. The recovered files can be saved on any type of storage media, attached to the system.


Ease of Use:


The graphical interface of the software is easy to use for any technical or non-technical users.




The advantages of the software are :

• Recovery of Lost/deleted files
• Recovery of Deleted partitions
• Drive imaging
• Resume recovery
• Drive cloning




Some of the disadvantages are:

• The price can be a constraint for the Technician and the Administrator types of licensed software.
• The demo version will not be able to perform data recovery.



Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is a professional Linux file recovery software for the lost, deleted or formatted data from Linux volumes with Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT16, FAT12 and FAT 32 types of file systems. The software can efficiently recover the data from any type of hard drive types as SATA, SCSI, EIDE, and IDE.

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