5 Free Tools to Check What WordPress Theme is Used by your Competitor

WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) and almost 35% websites all over the internet are powered by WordPress and it is used by 62.0% of all the websites which uses content management system as per the report by w3techs.com. In this huge ocean of WordPress sites, how do you determine which WordPress theme is used by your competitor without much effort? For this, there are lots of WordPress theme detectors that you can use to find out your competition’s WordPress theme and plugins.


WordPress Theme Detectors


WordPress Theme Detectors: 5 Tools you Should Check


1. WP Theme Detector (WPTD)

WP Theme Detector (WPTD)

WP Theme Detector (WPTD) is one of the popular websites which can help you to determine which WordPress theme is used by your competition or friends. It is a very simple tool to use and you just have to put the website name and all the information will be available to you in a matter of seconds.

You will see the information about parent theme, child theme (if available), theme provider, plugins used (some might be hidden too), and some additional information about the website.

You will also know if the plugin used on the website is free or premium along with its rank which is quite useful information. Do check this tool to determine the WordPress theme.


2. WordPress Theme Search (WTS)

WordPress Theme Search (WTS)

This is one of the oldest WP theme detectors which I used extensively in the past. It is also a good tool to determine the WordPress theme, but limits in detecting the child theme and also does not provide any other additional information about the site change.

If you are a minimalist and don’t want too much information, this is perfect for you.


3. Scan WP

WordPress Scan WP

Scan WP is one of the best WordPress theme detectors because it provides you a lot of information about a WordPress website you are scanning along with its hosting provider.

Once you scan the WordPress theme of your competitor you will know what theme they are using, what is the price of the theme, who is the provider, scanned plugins, and hosting.

Apart from this, you can also get information about websites SEMrush rank, Organic Keywords, organic traffic, keywords for which site is ranking, etc. This website also has a Chrome extension, so do try it out.


4. WPDetector


I would say this is the most simple tool to detect WordPress themes and plugins of a website.

It just shows you the name of the WordPress theme and plugin and the rest of the search you have to do it yourself. It will not provide link to the website theme provider or even plugin.


5. Gochyu Theme Detector

Gochyu WordPress Theme Detector

Last but not the least, the “Gochyu theme detector” is the only tool that can also detect themes from other popular CMS networks along with WordPress such as Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, and Squarespace.

Once you scan a website, you can see what WordPress theme they are using currently, and its provider information, hosting, and plugin details. So if you want to use one tool to detect multiple content management service providers, this can be the tool for you. You should try it once.


Note: All the websites above can only determine the WordPress theme and plugin when it is not hidden. Some website owners like to hide their theme & plugin information.


Recommendation: As of now, we are going to recommend the “Scan WP” theme detector as it provides detailed information about website theme, plugin, website matrix, hosting, etc. Do try it out.


I know there are other tools through which can detect WordPress theme of your competitors, but I don’t want to provide too much information. I believe the above sites will just do fine with your search.

So, if you liked this article, do let us know through your lovely comments and do let us know if you love using any other awesome WordPress theme detectors.

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