Adsense new Update for Invalid Activity

Recently Google Adsense has made a markable change in there policy for Invalid Activity. Now according to this latest update, Google will not suspend or disable the account directly, first, it will give chance to Publisher for proper justification of Invalid activity. This is very good news for Adsense publishers.


Google Adsense invalid activity


As per Adsense Blog, key change are made in this update, which covers new appeal form, tenure of publisher, new tutorials for publishers, video series etc. Below are the updates.


1. Tenure Consideration

Google Adsense will now consider the tenure of the publisher and accordingly it will only suspend the account instead of termination.


2. New Appeal Form

Google has introduced new more informative appeal form which may help resolve issues more quickly.


3. Causes for Invalid Activity

Now if Google will find any invalid activity in your Adsense account, it will be more informative in explaining the cause. Now if they detected a violation of policies, publishers will receive an email and a notification with further information and instructions.


4. AdSense Academy

Google has introduced new AdSense Academy for new and old publishers to learn more about Adsense and their policies and much more.

5. Video Series:


Google is also starting video series which will explain why some of the Adsense policies exist and how Publisher can make sure correctly working with them.

Google has done a very great job of implementing such an update. Otherwise, good publishers were punished without giving them chance to speak. I think this will really very helpful for all the bloggers and webmaster. Let me know what are your thoughts about this major update by Google.


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