6 Ways to Make Your Grandparents Feel High-Tech

Are your grandparents feeling a little behind the times when it comes to tech? That is hardly surprising, modern tech is changing so fast that it is difficult for even the most tech-savvy people to keep up with the changes.


Make High Tech


According to Bloomberg, you need to buckle up – tech advancements are accelerating. Here are six ways to help your grandparents feel high tech. Who knows, perhaps they will outstrip you when it comes to using the latest apps.


Jailbreak Their Fire Stick

Help them out by adding the VPN and teaching them to use an application like Kodi to access a range of different TV programs, movies, etc. without the risk of having their IP address tracked. They will feel badass because they have been able to “hack” the system.

The advantage is that you just need to show them how to navigate the app itself, and not explain all about how you enabled the streaming.


Find Apps They Are Interested In

Let’s be frank here – installing Pokemon Go on your grandparent’s phone is not going to be very successful. Find apps that might be more useful to them. Apps like Kindle and news aggregators, for example.

They’ll start to see more benefits to tech and therefore be interested in learning more.


Catch Them Up On Facebook

Or whatever social media most of the family uses. Facebook is good because it is pretty simple to use and they get to see pictures of what everyone is doing and what the updates are. Show them how to make their own posts.


Teach Them About Instant Messages

This could be the most useful application of tech for them because it allows them to keep in constant contact with everyone.


Show Them How to Use the Camera on Their Phone

To the younger generation, this is not really high tech. But to your grandparents, it probably will be. Show them how to take basic photos in Auto mode and how to zoom in and out. Score extra points by showing them how to post the photos they take to social media.


Highlight Buttons on the Remote

The TV remote is something that a lot of older adults may still struggle with. Help them out a bit by highlighting the button that they are bound to use the most – the Play/Pause button. A simple way to do this is to paint a thin coat of bright nail polish on the button itself.

Just be careful not to gum up the works by applying too much. This will enable them to start and stop a TV series or movie anytime they want to, and they will enjoy playing with their remote.



These are some really super-simple things that you can teach your grandparents, and they are things that they should be able to pick up fairly easily. For most of the elderly, the problem is not so much that they cannot understand the tech, but rather that they are afraid of looking foolish.

With patience, you should be able to help them master some of the simpler tech tasks and from there help them to improve. They will feel like they are keeping up to date and you get to look like the sweetest grandchild in the world.

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