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5 Apps That are Perfect for Use With a Stylus

Using a stylus with your smartphone can help preserve the screen and improve your accuracy when making selections. While a stylus doesn’t work well with all apps, it proves particularly effective with several popular ones. To take full advantage of your stylus, consider pairing it with these apps.

How to Recover Lost Data on Android Devices

There are times when we accidentally delete a file from our smartphone. Unlike laptops and computers, there is no Recycle Bin in smartphones which will help us in restoring the deleted files. If you have accidentally deleted a file or the data which was present in your mobile phone got …

The Best Digital Wallet Apps In India

Mobile wallet or digital wallet is not young anymore in India. With innovations in mobile payment gateways, flexible options that a lot of leading companies and Fintech startups presenting to their customers, everyone is embracing this trend like never before. Because, it’s so simple to pay online and local services …