LG Is Promising To Lead The Asian Market With Upcoming Developments

The world of electronics has welcomed a lot of key players in the industry, which gave rise to some of the best devices and gadgets we’ve seen so far. LG Electronics is one of these brands, and they’re now playing an active role in the market with 119 local subsidiaries run by 83,000 executives and employees worldwide. While the tech company started slow, it’s now on the rise, especially with its upcoming projects and developments to dominate the electronics industry in the Asian market.

Time and time again, LG Electronics has made it a point to push for tech developments in the various fields of interest that it works on. For instance, in 2008, it was able to develop the world’s first LTE mobile modem chip that achieved a wireless download speed of 60 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps.


LG Upcoming Developments in Asian Markets


It has also made waves in the world of television, by launching the world’s first 4k OLED TV, webOS smart TV and G3 smartphone with Quad HD display in 2014. This development is aligned with those of other TV manufacturers that have ventured into high-definition displays and amazing viewing experience. (You may want to check out this article on the best 40 inch TVs review, if you’re looking for a new TV for your home or office.)


LG: The Rising Leader in The Electronics Industry

After years of continuous tech upgrades, LG Electronics has finally stepped up as one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the world. In fact, 2017 became a very promising year for LG Electronics as it boasts at least 20% of the market share in the U.S. It holds the number 3 position, after Apple and Samsung.

It has also been reported that LG shipped 7.3 million devices during the first quarter alone. With a Siri-style voice command function, it’s no surprise that some of the consumers have switched to this Korean brand, as it offers better quality mobile products at a fraction of the cost of other phone brands.

On top of these, LG Electronics is also venturing into niche fields such as kinetic art and vehicle technology.

Leading the Asian Market

With the string of successes of the tech company, let us look at some of the upcoming developments that LG Electronics has in store for the Asian market.

OLED TV With Dolby TrueHD Lossless Sound

LG Electronics’ signature organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology has captured the TV market by storm, and it seems like there’s no plateau in sight yet. In fact, the company recently announced that its impressive line of LG OLED TV products will come with Dolby TrueHD lossless sound technology.
This sound engineering marvel promises a more immersive 3D listening experience through object-based next-gen audio. In other words, users can expect a TV viewing experience as if they were watching in a cinema.

Internet of Things in LG Home Appliances

The company is planning to launch a new line of home appliances equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This involves the control and operation of appliances – such as refrigerators and washing machines – using a smartphone.

This bit of news was revealed by LG Electronics India, which also revealed that the company is currently talking with mobile network operators for a potential partnership for the IoT product line.

Projections for this technology to reach the actual buying market is early 2018.

VRF Air Conditioning Technology

Temperature control experts who keep tabs with current trends are probably familiar with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems that have changed the landscape of air conditioning. LG Electronics knows this, and has in fact included VRF technology in its Multi V 5 air conditioners.

Multi V 5 is the company’s fifth-generation VRF air conditioner built with a high-efficiency inverter compressor, together with outdoor and indoor sensors for humidity and temperature. LG Electronics designed this product line with comfort, flexibility, efficiency, and performance in mind.

Connected Car Technology

Here’s a unique tech update that not many people know about: connected car technology. This concept allows vehicles to be connected to the Internet in order to provide online access to the passengers, as well as to make it easy to monitor the vehicle from the outside. Several car manufacturers have joined the rising trend, and even LG isn’t far behind.

According to the LG Newsroom, the company has entered into a partnership with telecommunications equipment firm Qualcomm to create next-gen connected car technologies. This venture includes the development of 5G to be used in cars and C-V2X tech. The goal is to develop autonomous vehicles that are safe and advanced.

Robots in Incheon International Airport

The airport is one of the busiest places in any given city, and thousands of people are in need of assistance. Last July, LG launched a fleet of robots to do specific functions inside the Incheon International Airport in South Korea. The robots were designed as airport guides and cleaners, which are menial but important tasks within the airport premises.

The trial run of the Airport Guide Robots was aimed to test the company’s voice recognition technology by providing verbal help in four languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese). Meanwhile, the Airport Cleaning Robots demonstrated the cleaning performance of LG’s product line and the object avoidance feature of the bots.

The Future of LG Electronics

It seems that LG is producing better products each year as proven by its growing revenue in different regions of the world, and there seems to be no stopping them to reach the number one spot. Their formula for success is simple: high-quality products at reasonable prices.

As LG Electronics continues to dominate the market with their LED / LCD monitors and televisions, as well as their smartphones and smartwatches, its competitors will probably be keeping an eye on their progress. With the kind of technology that LG Electronics is developing, it’s no surprise that other companies are following suit. As long as the company maintains the quality that it has always done for years, it won’t be long until LG Electronics grabs the top spot in consumer appliances and mobile phones.


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