Important Google Adsense Links to Bookmark

Most of the bloggers and webmasters are earning money from Google Adsense as it is one of the most trusted PPC networks. But there are lots of questions and queries of every Adsense publisher and sometimes in an emergency they have to search for important Google Adsense links, so you must have some important links handy and this article focus on same.


Important Google Adsense Links to Bookmark


So, here are 4 of important Google Adsense links which you must bookmark on your web browser.


1. Invalid Clicks Contact Form

An Invalid click is a very big crime in the eyes of Google and no one should be involved in it. But sometimes it may happen that you are a victim of click bombing or hatred and you may see an increase in clicks in your Adsense account.

That time don’t panic, just go to Google Adsense invalid click contact form and report this activity. It is always better to report such incidents and avoid warning or ban from Google Adsense program.

The form is very simple and you just have to provide your name, publisher ID, URL where you have doubt of invalid activity and little a description about it.


2. Google Adsense Help Forum

Query in Adsense Help Forum


If you have any specific query or problem for which you are not able to found any answer, then you must try Google Adsense help forum. You can search for similar problems like yours or can also create your own thread of query.

Experienced publishers and sometimes Google Adsense employees reply to query with good advice. You must check it.


3. Google Adsense Policies

Policies are very important for any company, and so it is for Google. New bloggers have a habit not to read the Adsense program policies and make mistakes, which lead to permanent banning of their Adsense account.

So, before placing any Adsense code on your website, do read the Google Adsense policy and bookmark this link for future readings. If you have any doubt regarding their policies, do read them once before doing anything wrong.


4. Google Adsense Homepage

This is last but not the least link to bookmark. Yes, you should bookmark the Google Adsense homepage link if you regularly check your earnings, track invalid activity, track your page views, etc.

Again and again going to Google for finding Adsense link doesn’t sound cool, so just bookmark this link and regularly track your Adsense account.

You can also install Google Adsense Android app from Google play store to keep monitoring your Adsense publisher account.


Tip: You can also make a folder in your web browser and put all these bookmark links in that for easy sorting.


As a Google Adsense user, I have bookmarked all these links over many years and continue using them in time of need. Do let me know if I have missed any important Google Adsense links which should be on this list.

Hope you will follow this article and will save some time in searching for important links of Google Adsense. If you like the article do not forget to share it.


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