How Website Design Influences Marketing Efforts

A good website is the one that bridges the gap between businesses and their target audience. It won’t be at all sensible to ignore the role of website as this can make a huge impact on returns as well as marketing efforts. How come that? You might be wondering the same.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example- Imagine you have utilised the best marketing strategy with impressive banners linked to your website; visitors are getting attracted and would like to view more on your website.

But, you still don’t find any improvement in sales figures as per the hits. What could be the reason? Your website! If your website design is unorganised, comprises loads of irrelevant content, moreover, lacks in the smooth functionality, no marketing strategy can help your business growth.

First just sit back and analyse the flaws in your website, eliminate them and see the difference with the same marketing strategy that you were using earlier. The slope of sales will reflect it all!


How Website Design Influences Marketing Efforts


Whether you are improving your existing website or starting from the scratch, some factors to be taken in account are:

  • Good Domain Name: If you are going to book a new domain name, use the company or brand’s name or something that describes the purpose of your website for eg. app developers. Also, keep your customer base into consideration as the url varies for country specific and international. Use .co, .uk, or .com accordingly.

  • Website’s Purpose: It is very important to analyse what you expect your website to achieve. What’s its purpose? Are you using it for direct sales, or for customer interaction, or to simply create awareness with the recent useful information?

  • Smooth Navigation: This is something you need to proceed with a plan in hand. Draw the entire website’s map including all the features and information that is necessary. It is significantly important that you keep the navigation quite clear and easy so that visitors can explore website more thoroughly. It might be a case that visitors directly click on the features or key pages, make sure all the links and forms are provided in a streamlined manner. Avoid using flashy yet complex introductory pages that may baffle visitor and can propel him/her to leave your website.

  • Design Element: Design is among most important components for a good website. So many businesses even fail just because they don’t have a good quality website. You might be feeling restricted due to budget. But, this too has a solution as there is a plenty of options for obtaining an impressive website that can grab the attention of visitors at the very first glance of it. You can also consider a professional website for leaving a good mark on your visitors.

  • Quality Content: It is most ignored part of a website. Many of people simply don’t understand what difference good quality content could bring to their business. To be more precise, they don’t understand the bottom line between just a copy and compelling copy.

    A compelling copy of content can bring you more traffic, more engagement, more shares and improved conversion rates. Make sure your content has an ability to resonate (making people feel like as it is for them only), convert (to engage more and more traffic) and more importantly, it matters as you can’t just provide information. It should be done in an enjoyable way. If you want to crank up the visitor engagement to a level higher, you must use quality content copy.


  • Search Engine Optimisation: It is an undeniable fact that even a good website design is of no use if it can’t grab enough traffic. All that every business person requires is quality and quantity of content

Designing a good website, that can make an impressive online presence, is important for every business in today’s time, but at the same time, it is quite complex program to execute. The best way to attain success is seeking a professional’s help at every important step. Not to forget, internet is of most use in such cases. So, use it to the maximum.

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