3 Steps to Find Free Images using Google Advanced Image Search

Images play a very important role wherever you are using them and people have a tendency to remember images better than text. If you make extensive use of images online like me, then finding free images to use or even finding creative commons Zero images will be your 1st priority.

Today, in this article I will show you how you can get royalty free photos for commercial or personal use by using Google advance image search tool.


Google Advanced Image Search to find Free Images


Google Advance Image Search tool is very easy to use image search tool and to my surprise, I found very few people using it.

There are many options in this tool, which you can use and find a picture as per your need, you just have to enter your keyword to find the perfect image for your online or offline work. In this tutorial, I will provide steps to find images which are free to use commercially and for personal use without any restriction using Google advance image search.

You will also learn, how you can find an even better version of any picture.


Steps to find Royalty FREE images using Google Advance Image Search tool


1. Visit Google Advance image search tool.

If you are doing a regular Google search then from there also you can do an advance image search, which I will cover in the video tutorial for this article.


2. Now you will see “Find images with“, which is the first criteria to search your image. It has 4 other options to make your image search more easy and accurate.


Google Advance image search


You can search image which contains certain words, you can search free images with exact word or phrase. Even you can minus certain words from your search.


3. Next, you can further narrow down your search and can search image by its size, aspect ratio, colors in image, type of image, region, site or domain, Safe Search, file type and usage rights.


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Though all the above option is very good for narrow down your image search but to find a perfect royalty free picture or image which you can use for your commercial purpose or even edit them, “usage rights” option is very important.

And if you click on usage rights, you can see many options and from there just choose between “free to use or share” to “free to use, share or modify, even commercially


Google Advance image search usage rights


If you will use above options, then only you can find pictures which can be used commercially and you will have right even to modify and use them.


Finding Related Image with URL


Reverse image search is also possible with Google advance image search as it is also capable of finding an image with the URL.


Google Image search by url


Suppose you have a URL of any image and now you want a better quality of that same image, then use Google image search for that. Put an image URL in Google image search as shown below after making image search and see the results.

You can also find related high quality free image by uploading similar image as shown in the above screenshot.

There will be many instances when you will not able to find a better image with this search but it’s worth trying.


All the options in Google advance image search are self explanatory and if you need any help in any option or have some doubts, feel free to ask. I will advise you to use this tool to make your image search easy and free.

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