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On January 25, 2013
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Chitika is Ad network company through which website owners and webmaster can make money by showing Ads. Will recommend Chitika only if you have US, Canada region traffic.

I am sure, you must have heard about Chitika, which is one of the best alternative for Google Adsense in US, Canada and other countries. You must be surprised to know that name “Chitika” (pronounced Chih-tih-ka) is taken from Telegu (a South Indian Language) Language and means “snap of the fingers“, and represents the speed at which Chitika online ads display on a website. This website monetization ad network company usually is good for U.S., Canada traffic, though Indian and all other country publishers are allowed to join the program.

Chitika Ads

What is Chitika?

As per my understanding, Chitika is a Ad network company which gives Advertiser a platform to show there product and get traffic to there websites and give publishers a chance to earn money by showing ads in there website. Formed in 2003, now Chitika has gained new height and success with offices in the U.S. and India. Chitika is lead by CEO Venkat Kolluri and CTO Alden DoRosario.

My Success Story with

Though I should have not called it as a success story for Chitika, as I have only got payment of $10 from them and have some cent in balance but sharing our Online earning is always a inspiration to new Bloggers.

When I started using Chitika ads code in my site (not this one), I was having very low traffic from US and Canada region, which I thought is the main reason for low earning from Chitika as for same amount of traffic I was making good with Google Adsense.

After using Chitika for many months, I got little frustrated as Chitika ads were not making any money for me, so i removed them from my site.

If you see my earning report of Chitika below, you will find that i have $0.0 earning in some months, this is the period i removed ads from my site.

Chitika Payment Report

Again in month of May 2012, I though to give Chitika again a try, and was happy to see some progress in Chitika revenue, though not big, as I implemented it only on 1 site with 500-600 traffic per day. And soon in month of December i received my first earning through Chitika of $10 and I like there fast payment system through PayPal. They can also send your cheque if you want but for that minimum payout is $50 and you will have wait longer.

Let me tell you that this is not my first online income, I have already earned thousand of $$ form other network like Adsense, Infolinks and through sponsored posts but it always feel good when you receive your payment.

Bottom Line

Chitika is a good network and you can really earned well if you have good traffic from countries like US, Canada, Australia etc. If you don’t have Google Adsense account then Chitika with Infolink can be best alternative for you and can really boost your online income. If you have signed-up with Chitika and earning from it, then do share your views about it, as some may be earning $1000’s from Chitika per month.

Chitika is Ad network company through which website owners and webmaster can make money by showing Ads. Will recommend Chitika only if you have US, Canada region traffic.
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  1. Thanks for sharing……….

  2. Chitika Never works for me, It making almost 10 times less amount as compared to the Google adsense. Dont you experienced that?

  3. Sreelal G Pillai says:

    Hi Pawan, Thank you for visiting my site and the suggestion.

    I was also used Chitika for a while, but got frustrated after 3 months. I dont know why there was no earnings as there was enough proof for the ad clicks.

    Tushar Thakur said it right. Compared to Chitika, Google Adsense is much better.

  4. Hariharakumar says:

    What is the placement of the Chitika ad on your website which fetched you $10. I am also using Chitika along with Google Ads but Chitika earnings are very low. I must find a good placement on my site for Chitika. Would you please suggest me a good placement where I can get more clicks?

    • Hi Hariharan,

      Thanks for stopping by. I placed a Chitika ad just below my post but it took many months to make $10 and traffic was also from US. For earning from Chitika, you should have good traffic from US, UK, Canada etc.

      • Hariharakumar says:

        Thanks for your suggestions. Anyways Chitika ads dont look appealing to eyes. You should be premium publisher to get appealing ads.

  5. Hi,Recently my adsense account can i reopen it

  6. Princewill Ejikeme says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, its really helpful. I think i like chitika, and am looking forward to earn few bucks from it. Thanks again!

  7. I am also using Chitika in my new blog. Yes It’s working very well. But CPC is very low. Good thing is that I can earn from every page impression too if there is any CPI based ads. I hope I shall recieve $10 within one month.
    Thanks a lot for your sharing.

  8. Nizam Khan says:

    Congrats! Well, yes I agree with Tushar, chtika earnings are very less compared to Google and as mentioned by you, chtika is good for U.S traffic. BTW thanks for the post :)

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing ur knowledge on chitika. I am a new blogger… just 2 months old… have some ads of chitika in my blog last week…. lets c how it works…. do they pay for impressions also?… coz i can c in my report that i have some impressions but nil revenue…

  10. I placed chitika ads on my blog since 5th of dec and till now it gave me nothing even with 4k impressions.

  11. Does chitika provide responsive add banners? Is it any good if the traffic is Non US.. can u suggest me an alternative.. apart from chitika / infolinks (already using).

  12. I think AdClickMedia is better than Chitika, after Getting banned from Adsense.

  13. I am also using chitika, i have added ads on my new blog and i have earned $2.61 in 2 days.

  14. Thanks pawan bro, dear admin of this site,,, would you tell me how can i increase traffic … And how can i earn much more …if you have some knowledge please share to me … And guide me please..

    • if you want to earn more with chitika then you have to update your site daily with chitika adds. i earn 1-5$ a day with around 10 clicks. no need to get high traffic. 100 visits per day is enough.

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for useful info. I have an account with chitika, in reports section, I can view impressions as 85 for today but still it shows $0.00 in revenue. Is it took time to update the revenue?


  16. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I also tried click-shore and chitika on one of my Blog (But i dont update it now), have traffic about 50-60 visitors daily, in last two year my overall revenue could not cross $1, Clickshore’s revenue is good but makes your website and destroy user experience. Both are not good..

  17. Chitika is very good sometimes its rather than Google Adsense.

  18. At what time does chitika update its reports? I have an Adsense account approved for YouTube. I configured adsense for my blog which is on the same Gmail Id but I am not ble to see any ads. I can see a blank space in the place of my adsense widget that was added automatically after adsense configuration of the blog. When i try to see the preview of the blog it says " adsense content is not available over secure connections" in the place of adsense widget. Can you please tell me how to configure my blog(hosted account ) for the adsense account approved for youtube (hosted accounts).

    • currently we are not using Chitika so cannot comment on their latest report updates.

      Adsense account approved from YouTube cannot be connected with blogs and you will not be shown ads from your account. I will suggest to get Google Adsense approved from your Blog.

    • chitika shows its report after 12 noon every day. and sometimes it shows on 8 pm. I use chitika on my site.

  19. Plz share the name of Adsense alternatives for earning money for websites having good traffic from India.

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