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Keeping your website secure is one of the very important and basic steps you should take. Taking a backup of your website is also part of it. Website backups are very important and we don’t need to explain its criticality to you. In this article, we will discuss and review “WP Time Capsule” which is a WordPress backup plugin.

There are a plethora of backup plugins which are available in WordPress repository as of now and WP Time Capsule is one of them and is used to take complete & incremental backup of your WordPress website and save them to Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 on a daily basis.


WP Time Capsule WordPress Backup Plugin

Now, let’s see what are the features of WP Time Capsule.


Features of WP Time Capsule


  • Incremental backups which saves space.
  • Incremental Restore.
  • One-click Staging.
  • Backup site before any update.
  • Rebranding as your own plugin (White-Label).


As we have come across the features of “WP Time Capsule”, now let see what makes this backup plugin stand-out than other plugins in the same category.

There are 3 unique features which make this plugin unique.

1. WPTC backs up and restores only the changed files & DB and not the entire site every time.

2. The files and DB are stored in your cloud storage app – Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. This plugin uses cloud apps native file versioning system to detect changes and maintain file versions. So backups and restores are as reliable as they get. I am sure you must have heard about AWS file versioning if you are into the cloud.


Now, let’s talk about some of its features in detail.

First of all, let’s discuss about its “Incremental Backup” feature. Unlike the traditional backup method of completely archiving your WordPress directory, this plugin only takes a full complete backup once and then only backup the files which are changed.

Thus this method saves space and utilizes fewer server resources.

The other feature which I like the most about this plugin is its capability to create a staging environment. So basically, it creates an independent clone of your live production website and then you can test out new updates, themes, etc. without any fear.

Another useful benefit of “Staging” is that you can directly apply plugin or theme updates in the Staging site and once confident, apply them to your live site.


Installing & Setup of WP Time Capsule


Installing this plugin is like a piece of cake. Just click on “Plugins” on your WordPress website admin dashboard and search for “WP Time Capsule”. It is like installing any other plugin.


WP Time Capsule Plugin Search


Once you have installed the plugin, login with your credentials and it will now ask you to choose the cloud provider where you want to save your backup files. Once cloud provider is chosen connect your account and start the initial setup.


WP Time Capsule Cloud Provider

WP Time Capsule Google Cloud Backup


Basically, in the initial setup, you can choose timezone and backup schedule in the default setting. If you want more control, just select ‘Advanced Settings‘.


WP Time Capsule Initial Setup

WP Time Capsule First backup


Once setup is done, it will start your first backup and this will take time depending upon your website size, so have patience and wait for the backup to get complete. This is the only time when it will take a full backup and after that only incremental backup will be taken.


Price of WP Time Capsule


There are mainly 2 different options available if you are thinking to buy WP Time Capsule.

First is a yearly option where you can pay plugin fees yearly and second is One-time payment which allows you to pay the fees only one time and then the plugin is yours forever.


Billed yearly One-time payment
Agency: $199/year Agency: $699
Freelancer: $99/year Freelancer: $299
Business: $49/year Business: $149


I like the one-time payment option and currently, we are using ‘Agency‘ option which gives us the capability to use this plugin on unlimited websites for the lifetime and also we can brand this plugin using white-labeling option. This all for one-time fees of $699.

Hope you like this article on WP Time Capsule (WPTC) and would definitely try it out on your WordPress blog. If you are already using this plugin please let us know what you think about and provide your genuine review. If you have any other feedback for this WordPress backup plugin, please let us know through your comments.

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