How to Verify Your YouTube Account

YouTube is one of the most used websites to search and watch videos online. With the tag line of “Broadcast Yourself“, YouTube allows user to upload and share there videos online. Recently YouTube also has emerged as one of the major sources of traffic to many websites and blogs due to its high page rank and popularity and SEO experts and webmaster are using YouTube very efficiently for traffic generation. YouTube also allows users to monetize there video through Google Adsense program.


YouTube Account Verification


Benefits of YouTube Account Verification


You must be thinking that, what is the importance and benefits of Verifying your YouTube account or channel? Then I must tell you that, to enable unlimited-length video uploads for your YouTube account, you must be a verified YouTube member.

Moreover, a verified YouTube account is needed to enable the ability to appeal rejected Content ID disputes.


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More information on Appealing Rejected Content ID Disputes can be found at YouTube help center.


Steps to Verify YouTube Account/Channel


As I already told you the need for YouTube account verification and its benefits, so further we will learn how to verify the YouTube account to enable more features and benefits.


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1. Login to your YouTube account and go to YouTube setting, which is available in right top.


2. Now go to Channel setting and click on Features. Here you will see Verify tab as shown below under account status.


YouTube Setting for Account Verification


For YouTube’s New Interface

YouTube Channel Verification Settings


3. After clicking Verify, YouTube will take you to account verification step 1, which let you choose verification method i.e Voice call or SMS. Now here just select your verification method and your country and put your mobile number to which you want to get verification SMS and click submit.


Note: If you have used your same mobile number in many accounts, you will see the error message, “This phone number has already created the maximum number of accounts“, and you will have to use different phone/mobile no. for verification.


YouTube Account Verification step1


4. Now wait for SMS in your mobile and after receiving the code put it in the verification step 2 and click on Verify.


YouTube Account Verification step2


How to Verify Your YouTube Account


Now you will see that your account will be showing Verified status, so now you have become a verified partner of and can upload unlimited length video on YouTube. If you have any issues in verifying your YouTube account, then please let us know through your comments.

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