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5 Apps That are Perfect for Use With a Stylus

Using a stylus with your smartphone can help preserve the screen and improve your accuracy when making selections. While a stylus doesn’t work well with all apps, it proves particularly effective with several popular ones. To take full advantage of your stylus, consider pairing it with these apps.

9 Productive Android Apps for Civil Engineers

Currently, there is a boom in the Android app market and we have almost every application present on Google Play store. If you choose good apps, you can also increase your productivity and can make your task easy. In this article, we present you top productive Android apps for Civil …

Seven Apps You Absolutely Need in Your Life

Smart phones have become one of the most common technological accessories of the modern age, and the countless functions they provide make them incredibly useful. Apps can do everything from acting as a GPS, to measuring the results you acquire from working at the gym. The functions these apps provide …

Convert Mobile into TV with nexGTv App

Are you looking for a solution to convert your smartphone into a smart TV? If your answer is yes then this article is for you. Now you can get yourself entertained anywhere, anytime with an awesome app, nexGTv. nexGTv application by DigiVive Services will save you from all entertainment glitches.