000webhost: Completely Free or There is Any Catch

The website has become one of the indispensable tools for everyone whether to show their work, promote a business or sell a product. Websites are everywhere and growing every day. To make a website you need to invest money and time, but there are some services like 000webhost.com which provides free web hosting with some limitation. In this article, we are going to do an in-depth analysis of 000webhost and in this review, you will find its benefits, drawbacks, basic tutorial to setup your website and much more.


000webhost Free Web Hosting


000webhost is powered by Hostinger as an educational platform for people, who want to test their skills or want to learn new things in this web hosting world. 000webhost is providing free web hosting since 2007. There are lots of FREE features which you can use and host your website.

Below are some of the features and advantage of 000webhost.com which you should check before reading the complete article.


Features & Advanatges of 000webhost


  • Absoulutely free Webhosting
  • Free Cpanel (Control Panel) with PHP & MySQL
  • Free domain hosting & Easy Website builder.
  • Support for WordPress & customer websites.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee.
  • Full PHP & MySQL database support.
  • Instant account activation, no fees!
  • One Click WordPress Install.
  • FTP Access & Free Website Templates.
  • Upto 5 Free email accounts.
  • Forever Free webhosting.


After reading above features and advantage about 000webhost.com, I’m sure you must have got an idea, what you are getting for FREE. Yes, all those features are utterly free without any conditions.

With this free web hosting you get 1 GB of free disk space with 20,000 Inode, 10 GB bandwidth, you can host 2 websites for free with the free control panel. In this web host, you can also host your custom or WordPress website. WordPress is one of the most used content management system (CMS) and loved all over the world.

You will also be excited to know that, they also allow your own ads to be displayed which is one of the main requirement of new webmasters and bloggers. So you can even put Google AdSense ad code, affiliate marketing links, or any other kind of advertisement. So, it gives you total control even with the free service.

You can also send up to 50 emails daily and can also create 2 MySQL databases. It also supports Cron jobs, Curl and GD.

If you talk about security in this webhost, then you can expect hotlink protection, IP deny manager, and password protected directories. With these features, you can block a range of IP addresses to prevent your site from unauthorized access, password protects all the folders in your hosting or can deter other websites from directly linking to files on your website.


How to Signup for Free Webhost 000webhost


It is signup process is also very simple, just provide your email and password and you are in. After that just verify your email account and you are good to start building your own website. Now, let’s see how to sign-up and publish your website.


1. Go to www.000webhost.com and signup.


000webhost signup


2. Now check your email account and verify your email address.


You have to do these simple steps to signup. Once signup, you can start building your website. You can choose from pre-existing templates or can install the WordPress with one click, or even you can upload your own custom website via FTP or file manager.


000webhost Build Website



You can check the example of sample website (http://tech2blog.000webhostapp.com) which I created using WordPress. I have just installed the WordPress and nothing else for the testing purpose. Before this, I also tried to build a website using FREE template and website designer, which was also very easy.


Limitations of 000webhost.com


All things have some limitations and disadvantages, so do the 000webhost.com.

First of all, with this host, you only get limited storage and bandwidth, so in the case where you require more storage or more bandwidth, you may face the issue. Like in situations like an increase in traffic to your website, your site may go down.

Additionally, if you want to park custom domain here, we will have to keep 000webhost branding to support their free learning platform cause. Also, I faced a little problem with SSL, sometimes the website is loading with SSL and sometimes not. Though working without any issue without SSL.

Most importantly, every day your website has 1 hour sleep period, which means your website will be offline for 1 hour, which is not good if you want to run a professional website. So, you should rather buy their premium hosting if you are getting good traffic.

All these limitations can be mitigated if you buy their premium web hosting which is around 2.15/month. They also have other plans as per your requirement, just check their website.



This was all about “000webhost”. Now you know what are the advanatges and disadvatages of using this webhosting. But, most importantly it is FREE and I think you are getting pretty good deal for free. I would say free webhosting is not good for your professional website or blog, but you can use this webhosting for your testing, or can learn about website development or even can do small school or university project.



I am sure you must have liked this article and most of you must already be using their services. If you do, just let me know through your comments & emails and tell what you think are the positive and negative points about it. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and relatives, who wants to build their own website but don’t want to spend money on hosting now or only want to test things.

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