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Creating a brand identity is one of the toughest jobs for a business. Be it on the internet, or in brick-and-mortar stores, before you can create a name for yourself, you have to create something memorable enough to be worth remembering.

Most businesses think that the best way to do this is to focus on creating a product that surpasses all other competitors. And while in theory that is a great way to create new customers, the hard part about all this is the fact that it can be hard to convert a satisfied customer into a recurring one.

That is exactly where the power of marketing comes into play and one of the vital tools when it comes to creating brand awareness is having an awesome logo. Now as many graphic designers would freely admit, creating a logo is very hard work.


Challenges of Creating a Beautiful Logo

Why? Well, there are multiple contributing factors to it, but let’s look at some of the salient ones that make creating effective logos one of the most difficult tasks for even veteran digital artists.

Giving Ideas Life: While artists have the ability to take someone’s words and thoughts and create beautiful renditions of them, more often than not, something is left lost in translation as there’s always a slight disconnect between the customer’s imagination and the reality.

Choosing a Design Style: A logo often says more about a business than the name does. This is because the logo carries the power to embody the entire business philosophy inside one image. Often, a very fun-loving and outgoing business is stuck with a formal logo and vice versa. Not only can this create a disconnect between consumers and the brand, but it can also affect how the public perceives the entire company as a whole.

Cost: Logos go through multiple redesigns as the customer struggles to convey the image in their mind to the artist’s pen and as a result, each of these revisions leads to already mounting costs of hiring a digital artist.

So is there any way to get away from all of these? Well, Wix, a name you must be familiar with if you have worked in the world of web designing, has come up with a unique solution to this problem- the free logo maker aims to help you create beautiful logos that represent who you are! Let’s try it out and see how well it works!


Wix Logo Maker: A Review

As it is with any new product, we decided to put it through its paces before coming to any conclusions about how good they are! While the instructions on the Wix Website are perfectly adequate, we decided to take this opportunity to give our audience a detailed walkthrough on how they can get their free logo created using the Wix Logo Maker.

Step 1:

Make Logos Easily With Wix Logo Maker

The first step is to navigate to the free logo maker. Once you scroll down, there is a dialogue box to put in the name of the company and a tagline as well. Having a tagline is entirely optional but if you are going for a fun loving brand identity, having a humorous one-liner or pun on your logo can really help seal the deal. With that sorted, let’s move on to the next step.


Step 2:

Wix Purpose of logo

The essence of the company must reflect through their logo hence this is a very important step where the intelligent Wix Algorithm figures out a lot of the unsaid details about your logo by understanding what you do and who your potential audience might be!


Step 3:

Wix Type of Business

These keywords help put your idea into actionable words. While such a slim selection of words can never define your brand ethos, they certainly provide a barebones structure of emotions that you can then build on.


Step 4:

Wix Choose logo design

The Wix Logo Maker engine gets to know your tastes better by showing you some of the more popular logos out there and realizing how you want to align your brand image.


Step 5:

Wix Choose new logo

And finally, you have all of your Logo choices laid out side by side so that you can pick the one that applies best to your business. But wait that’s not it, Wix also lets you tweak the tiniest of details so that you can get your logo exactly how you want it to be.


Step 6:

Wix Logo Editor

From the name to the icon to even the background- everything about the Wix Logos can be customized ‘till perfection is achieved. And unlike a hired graphic designer, they don’t charge you for every revision, in fact, they don’t charge you at all!



With the limited amount of time that we spent with the Wix Logo maker, we were able to create an effective and impactful logo with it. In fact, keeping aside all the various options, and the fact that it is free, what convinced us to give Wix a try was their experience in the website industry. And that is just what shines through with their latest product, the Wix Logo Maker. It’s clean, fluid intuitive, and just as beautiful as the logos it manages to churn out.

Among the plethora of options out there, Wix has managed to create a product that stands out. So if you want to create a logo that does just that, you know where to go!

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