51 Technology Websites That Accept Guest Posts [DA 60+]

Looking to increase your visibility and reach in the tech industry? Consider submitting a guest post to one of these high-DA websites. With domain authorities ranging from 60 to 92, these sites are trusted sources of information and can give your work the exposure it deserves.

Before you start writing, make sure to review the guidelines for each website and pitch your idea to the editorial team. This will help ensure that your post is a good fit and has a higher chance of being accepted.


High DR Guest Post Blogs


Guest posting can be an effective way to build your credibility and reach a wider audience, and these technology websites provide a great opportunity to do just that. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or new to the game, consider submitting a guest post to one of these sites to increase your visibility and reach in the tech industry.


[DA 60+] Technology Websites For Guest Posts


List of technology websites that have a domain authority (DA) of 50 or higher and accept guest posts, along with their domain names:

1. TechCrunch (DA: 92)
2. Mashable (DA: 92)
3. VentureBeat (DA: 89)
4. The Next Web (DA: 87)
5. GigaOm (DA: 85)
6. Lifehacker (DA: 84)
7. ReadWrite (DA: 83)
8. Engadget (DA: 83)
9. Digital Trends (DA: 82)
10. ZDNet (DA: 81)
11. TechRadar (DA: 80)
12. Computerworld (DA: 80)
13. CNET (DA: 79)
14. PCWorld (DA: 78)
15. TechSpot (DA: 77)
16. ExtremeTech (DA: 77)
17. TechRepublic (DA: 77)
18. Ars Technica (DA: 76)
19. Neowin (DA: 75)
20. Tom’s Hardware (DA: 75)
21. The Verge (DA: 75)
22. Tech Times (DA: 74)
23. SiliconANGLE (DA: 74)
24. BetaNews (DA: 73)
25. GeekWire (DA: 73)
26. The Hacker News (DA: 73)
27. TechXplore (DA: 72)
28. ITPro (DA: 72)
29. TechNewsWorld (DA: 71)
30. MakeUseOf (DA: 71)
31. The Tech Report (DA: 70)
32. ITNews (DA: 70)
33. TechNode (DA: 70)
34. TechNewsDaily (DA: 69)
35. Digital Journal (DA: 68)
36. Eweek (DA) 68
37. The Inquirer (DA: 68)
38. ITProPortal (DA: 67)
39. TechGenix (DA: 67)
40. SlashGear (DA: 67)
41. TechWorm (DA: 66)
42. The Register (DA: 66)
43. Digital Trends (DA: 65)
44. The Tech Lounge (DA: 65)
45. The Tech Bulletin (DA: 64)
46. TechGuru (DA: 64)
47. TechBreach (DA: 63)
48. GeekAlerts (DA: 63)
49. TechNewsGuru (DA: 62)
50. ITBusinessEdge (DA: 61)
51. TechNewsToday (DA: 60)


Note: The above data is very dynamic and it can change quite often. You can also verify the domain authority using ahrefs free tool for website authority.


Overall, there are many high-DA technology websites that accept guest posts and can help you increase your visibility and reach in the tech industry. Whether you’re looking to share your expertise, promote your work, or just connect with a larger audience, guest posting can be a valuable tool.

By following the guidelines for each website and pitching your idea to the editorial team, you can increase your chances of having your post accepted and getting the exposure you deserve.

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