Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager?

There are many download managers on the internet and choosing the best out of it is important, because many such download manager software does not give features which they promise. So, if you are looking for best download manager for your Laptop or desktop, you should try Internet Download Manager, which is popularly known as IDM.

In this article you will know what are the latest features of Internet Download Manager (IDM) and why it is one of the best software to manage your downloads.


Internet Download Manager is the Best Download Manager


Key Features of Internet Download Manager (IDM)


  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Multiple Browser Support.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Download Speed Acceleration.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Download Resume.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Video grabber.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Built-in Scheduler.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Can download all links in webpage.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Authentication protocols support.
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Easy Drag and Drop feature
  • Why Internet Download Manager (IDM) Is the Best Download Manager? Easy management through download categories.


These are the main features of Internet Download Manager (IDM) and I must tell you there are lots of features for you to use and explore like I can easily add certain types of file extension in the software and it will automatically start downloading it. There are many features which I like in this software and use regularly to speed up my download or manage already downloaded files.


Multiple Browser Support

Internet Download Manager (IDM) supports almost every internet browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, MSN, etc. and also, it can be easily connected with any internet application to manage downloads through its unique “Advanced Browser Integration” feature.

Also, recently they have added compatibility with Windows 10 and fixed many minor errors.


Intelligent File Download & Antivirus Integration

IDM has intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology, which helps this software to speed up downloads and it can boost downloading speed by 5 times. Remember, we are not talking here to increase your internet speed.

To prove above statement, we also did a small download speed test and below are the results and you can clearly see the comparison between both and choose the winner.


Download with Normal Browser

Download speed with IDM


With IDM, you can also integrate your antivirus easily for scanning. Once your file is downloaded, it will automatically go through virus check and I think it is very good feature from security point of view as lots of torjon’s and viruses are present in the files which are downloaded from the internet.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) Antivirus


Resume from where you left

Resuming downloads is one of the very unique feature of this software. If there is resume capability in the file you are downloading, then you can easily pause the downloading file and can download it later. In some browsers it happened that after downloading more than 90% of the file, if your internet connection stops working due to network issues, then you will have to download that file from starting.

But, if you have IDM, you can download that file from the exact same point where it was left.


Download Videos from Web

If you see videos online and want to save them in your computer for watching later, then you I am sure you will love internet download manager. IDM allows you to download most of the video type directly from the browser.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) Video Download


On the video it will show “Download This Video” button and once you click that button, it will show video with different picture quality available, just select the picture quality as per your requirement and start downloading.



Internet Download Manager (IDM) also allows you to download web pages, or only images from web pages or even complete website for offline browsing through its grabber. In grabber you just have to give project name, website or URL which you want to download and custom setting as per your need and you are all setup.


Advance Scheduler

IDM also has advance scheduler, which allows you to download files at a particular time, day or date. Even you can stop downloading in a particular time and instruct IDM to take action once all your downloads in queue are completed.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) Scheduler


After download completes, your computer / Laptop can be shut down automatically through IDM, which is a very splendid feature. So you can put your download in scheduler and check “Turn Off computer when done” option and can go to sleep without any tension.


Batch Download

Batch download is another very less known and useful feature of Internet Download Manager (IDM). It allows you to download multiple files with just the wildcard. Very useful if you are downloading similar types of files.

IDM provides many other features apart from above, so it is one of the best download manager available currently for your desktop and laptops. If you like any other feature of IDM please let me know.


Price of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

There are lots of buying option available for this product. Whether you want to buy single PC or 2 PC license for 1 year or lifetime, you have all the options available. Below are the popular buying option for IDM.

$ 11.95 for 1 year license for single PC
$ 24.95 for a lifetime license for single PC

If you are already familiar with IDM, then you should surely buy it. If not try their 30 day trail version with full features.



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I am sure you must have enjoyed reading this article and also, I’m sure you will agree with me on the statement “Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best download manager” on the internet. If you have feedback about IDM or this article, please leave your comments below and do subscribe us for upcoming reviews and giveaways.


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