Instagram Bot: How To Install Instabot & Start It

Till now we have read what is Instagram Bot or Instabot and its useful features. Now in this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install Instabot on Windows and Linux machines or servers. You can also install this bot on your personal laptops and virtual machines which are connected to the internet. So, let’s begin and see how to install an Instagram bot.


Instabot-Instagram Bot Installation Start


Now, let’s see how to install this Instagram auto follower & liker and make it work for us.


Installation on Windows Machine


1. First of all, download and install Python from their website. Please check the below link and download it according to your Windows OS version.


Python-Install Instabot


2. Now, once Python is installed, download the Instabot tar file and extract it on your windows machine.

Download Instabot from GitHub.

Instabot Download Github


3. Now, open the command prompt and go to the folder where you have extracted the Instagram bot and then type the below command.

# python

That’s it, now you are good to run your Instagram bot on your Windows machine or server. On the first start, you will have to configure some settings which it will ask for.


Installation on Linux/Unix Machine


As a Linux enthusiast, I really like working on Unix/Linux flavors and found them easy to use as compared to windows. Just follow below simple steps to download and configure your Instabot.


1. Open the Linux terminal and run the below commands one by one.

#pip install -U instabot
#git clone --recursive

At the above steps, you might get the error that pip or git is not installed. If you get any such errors, please try to install those commands. Please note that you should have your repository configured for that and the machine connected to the internet.


# pip install -U instabot
-bash: pip: command not found

# git clone --recursive
-bash: git: command not found

Commands used to solve the above problems.

# easy_install pip
# yum install git -y


Once your Python and git are installed, you can begin with your cloning fo the Instabot from GitHub as instructed in step 1 of Linux installation.

Now to start your Instagram bot run the below commands

# python

        Welcome to instabot, it seems this is the first time you've used this bot.
        Before starting, let's setup the basics.
        So the bot functions the way you want.

It is also recommended to update your bot, if you are facing any issues or before starting it. You can use the below command for that on a Linux machine.

# pip install -U instabot


These were the simple steps to install and start Instabot and now you can easily instruct this Instagram bot to auto like, auto follow, mass unfollow, comment, and even auto-post the media.

I am sure, you are excited to see how this Instagram bot works. If you do, don’t forget to check our next article on configuring the Instagram Bot. Till then do subscribe to our blog and leave the comments below to let us know how you feel about it or if you have any problems installing it.


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