Review of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 & Giveaway

Everyone takes photographs now and then. With the advancement of technology, taking photographs has been very easy than in the past. Now we have DSLR’s, Android & Apple iPhones, which can do wonders for you. In this article, we are going to tell you how photos can be optimized for the web using a cheap & affordable software called Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7. Do read this article completely as we are also giving 5 license keys for FREE.


Review of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 and Giveaway


Key Features & Specification of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7


  • Auto-optimize images.
  • Insert watermark from text or image.
  • Eye-friendly ergonomic user interface.
  • Batch processing.
  • Portrait editing.
  • Automatic contrast stretching for best results.
  • Smart white balancing.


These were some of the key features and specification of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7. Now, let see some of them in detail. We will not be covering how to install this product as installation is very straightforward like any other Ashampoo products.

Picture optimization is very crucial for every website or even for personal use and must be done before sending the RAW pictures to anyone.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 provides many interesting features which you will find only in high-end costly software and uses incredible image optimization technology.


Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 Dashboard



Under ‘Basic’ tab you can find options to rotate the image, crop or resize it. You can also do free rotation, or even can watermark it. These are some of the basic features as its name suggest.


Color Correction

Whether your images have dull colors or incorrect exposure setting, this program is one stop for fixing all those and that can be done under ‘Color Correction’ tab.

You just have to click on the required option like Color Correction, Color, Threshold or Adaptive Threshold and apply the setting.



This is one of the intriguing features which I like the most about this photo optimizer. Under this, you can see other option such as ‘Remove Red Eyes, White Teeth, Remove Spots and Clone Area’ and can really work wonders for your photos, though I didn’t like its ‘Remove Spots‘ that effective. Do try this feature.



This is the section where you can transform your pictures completely. You can put the frame in your pictures, make your image look old. You also have features like emboss, shade, blue shift, Oilpaint, Charcoal, as well as sketch.



Under this tab, you get a lot of features such as Sharpen, Adaptive Sharpen, Blur, Motion Blur, Noise reduction & addition, Median, Spread, Shear, Wave, Swirl, Implode & Explode.

This is where you can mask your pictures, blur them or even add and remove noise. Do try these features.



What’s the use of pictures if you cannot save them. With the export tab, you get extra options to export your pictures, like you can directly email image from this tool, print it or save it as your wallpaper.


Compatibility of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7


This software only works with Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7. If you are a Mac or Linux user, sorry this product is not for you and you may have to try it in a virtual machine.


Price of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7


Original price of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 is $39.99, but currently, they are running discount and you can buy it for 50% discount i.e. at $20.

So go grab it and let me know through comments if you have any issue.



Giveaway of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7


We have partnered with folks at Ashampoo and we are exclusively giving free license keys of “Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7”.

So, if you are interested to win a FREE serial key, just let us know in the comments what feature you like the most and do not forget to use your correct email ID while submitting the comment.

5 people will be chosen for this giveaway on the first come & first serve basis. Please make relevant comments only.



I am sure this article would have helped you and now optimizing photos for the web would be a simple task for you. Do let me know what are your thoughts about this product and if you are already using it for your photo optimizing tasks. You can also subscribe to by Email to get free giveaway alerts on your Inbox.


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