10 Easy to Use Online Logo Makers to Design Your Brand

The importance of logo has gained momentum and significance in the past few decades. The anatomy of the logo has been analyzed in detail, and more powerful trends have been introduced. The consumer response to each color, font, typography, positioning, and mnemonic has been researched, and it has helped them to create a more innovative and consumer-centric design. This knowledge has also urged developers to create artificial intelligence-powered online logo makers that have been a great asset to the brands.

Companies and entrepreneur can create their ideal logo with ease and in the comfort of their workspace. These are pretty much simple to use, and can even be built with minimal technical expertise.


Easy to Use Online Logo Makers


Easy to Use Online Logo Makers


Vista Print

This communication agency has created software which helps consumers to have a feel of their logos. The software takes the users on a series of simple tasks which helps shape-up their ideal logos. The first step would be selecting the most feasible design from the list of options provided. They can then change the font, design, and color before finalizing the product. The company also offers a peak of logo usage in various collaterals.


Logo Master

This elegant online logo maker approaches a unique method that helps consumers identify the logo they want to replicate. The internet is flooded with logos of different shapes and sizes. Some of these existing designs serve as an inspiration for the newer brands and entrepreneurs. They are so unusual and exceptional that it tries to create something for its own. The application takes you through a series of visual stimuli which helps the users create the base template.



This artificially intelligent logo maker helps the consumer create exotic logos by understanding the needs of the clients and deploying the smartest technology available in the market. This application encourages the users to select distinctive logos which match their end products. Then the colour scheme is selected, and these colors have a description of their characteristics. Later, the icons or mnemonics can be identified from the list of available options.

This is the final step where different logo options with the preferred features are created. Consumers can also make further changes and tweaks to the design. The company also offers collaterals with the new model to provide a complete package.


Logo Crisp

Consumers will have to give their name and industry, and the rest is taken care of by Logo Crisp. This platform provides a wide array of options with mnemonics and fonts. Users can select their suitable logos which can be edited in the panel. The application gives options to change everything from the inclusion of an image, color change, font, etc. Consumers can upload a preferred representation of their choice. Once the model is finalized, they can preview in various mediums, before making a decision.


Tailor Brands

This application helps you find your ideal logo by taking you through a series of questions. These queries are designed to help consumers identify their true calling. The company has succeeded in combining the industry norms with the design techniques. The applications try to understand the nature of the business and the type of logo preferred. Some logos are icon-based while others are text-based. It then takes the users to series of images which helps it to understand the expected style. The base template is created based on these inputs which can be further edited.


Design Mantic

This is a pretty straightforward application which helps the users create their logos with minimal fuss. They have a list of predefined mnemonics for each industry. The users will have to select the base template. This can be the closest design to the required logo design. The consumers will have to create an account to complete the process or make further changes to the logos. The logo can be then edited and purchased for additional usage.


Logo Genie

This application works in five distinctive steps. The first step would be to enter the company name and industry. The system will generate a selection of designs based on the categorization. The user can select the closest match and make further changes to it. There are various icon options which can be replaced as per the requirement. New changes to the font and colour can also be done before importing the data. It is not very expensive, and they also allow multiple experimentations before making a decision.



DesignEvo is yet another example of a wonderful online graphic design company. With various logo design ideas, it helps you create professional business logos on your own, satisfying your expectations. Designers, be it experienced or a beginner, can excel their designing skills and create amazing logo designs by making use of plenty of icons, numerous font-styles, hundreds of templates, and handy editing tools.



This free online logo creator by Oberlo is a great example of simple, yet versatile solution for those just looking to create a simple logo in a few minutes. Unless you are an experienced logo designer or just have an impeccable taste in all things design, this tool should do the trick and you can use the logo right away to launch your dropshipping business.



Hatchful is a free high-resolution logo designer from Shopify that allows you to design and customize your logo from scratch by choosing from hundreds of templates, icon, and color combinations.

With Hatchful, absolutely no design experience is required. Simply let us know your industry and brand values and we’ll do the work – you can edit logos tailored specifically to your niche. This logo maker is built for the entrepreneur on the go.

Download high-quality image files of your logo optimized for business cards, merchandise and affordable social media assets in seconds – for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube to build your brand on social media.

Logo design comes at a considerable cost, and these online logo makers have helped customers to create their dream logos with an affordable option. These logo makers are user-friendly, round-the-clock consumer support, in-build guidelines, and they are pretty much simple to operate. The logo is the first big step towards a successful business. They lay the path towards the type of collaterals and other materials created by the brand. It is the first point of connecting between the consumers and the brands, and it has to be the best. This is a one-time opportunity and these applications do them justice.


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