Aurora 3D Animation Maker Review

Are you having problem in creating intro videos for your YouTube channel? Are you having difficulty in making a 3d movie title for your blog or a flash or GIF banner? If the answer to these questions is a big YES, then you don’t have to worry any more as today we are going to review Aurora 3D animation maker, which is 3D video or animation creating software and will surely solve your problem.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker Review

To know how to create awesome looking 3D animation keep reading the article and sit tight with cookie or some drink and I am sure you will love every paragraph. If you scroll down, you will see a Tech2Blog banner, which I created using its default template just in 1 minute.

Aurora 3D animation maker software is a multi-purpose software which can be used to create introduction short videos, animated title banner, GIF animation, etc. It is a complete one stop solution for all your small animated work. It will give your imagination new wings and you will be able to design any type of 3D animated movie without any technical skills.


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This software is fully compatible with Photoshop, llustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere, etc. And without wasting your time, below are some of the features of Aurora 3D animation maker.


Features of Aurora 3D Animation Maker


  • Key-Frame Animation
  • Internal Animation Style
  • In build Animation Templates
  • Free-Hand Shape
  • 30 Days Standby Time
  • 3D Manipulator
  • Quick Styles
  • 3D Graphic Mode
  • Dynamic Background
  • Export Image
  • Export Animation
  • 3000+ Symbols and import SVG


Above are some of the features of Aurora 3D animation maker software and there are lots more awesome features of this software which you will know once you use it or through their website.


Default Templates

There are 4 predefined templates viz. animation, text, button and logo, which you can use to start your new project. You can always start with blank project also. Below is the screenshot for same.

Aurora 3d template select

Just for checking I have selected animated NBC news report template and it looks exactly same as seen on T.V., you can check the video yourself below and can compare if you want.




After selecting template or choosing a blank one. You can go to choose your text style. There are many preloaded text design for you.

Aurora 3d text

You can get wall, Choco, green, ink, ice, crystal etc. type text. The few I have tried to show on above image for you. There are little more than this.



There are 20 different shapes already present for you to make animation fast. Though you can always create your own shapes from raw using different shape and boxes given on the left side panel.



There are many different size and color frames also given to Aurora 3D animation maker and you will love them. Though they are not very fancy, but when combined with other frames, shape, text or icons can make a really awesome design.



You don’t have to upload simple icons from outside this software as it already has all the basic required icons like forward and backward icon, setting icon, music, Bluetooth, sound and many others icon.



If you love the firework type animation, then you will be happy to know that there many lighting animation in Aurora 3D animation maker and would really love them while using.

I tried creating some logo and banner for testing and really predefined text and logo template gave me a good option to choose. Below is the simple static banner which I have made using its template.


Aurora 3D Animation Maker Review


Watch below videos to get an idea how this useful software can produce good animation out of your creative ideas. The first video shows the how you can create intro movie and an animated title and the second one shows how to make text and logo animation. There many other videos which you can use for your tutorials.



You can see all the examples of animation at official website here.


Price of Aurora 3D Animation Maker


Aurora 3D Animation Maker (Aurora3DAnimation) is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP | MAC OS 10.6 or later and priced for $69.95. You get different methods for payment.

If you are really looking for some sort of animated videos and banner for your website, you should really check this software out. They also have trial version.



Hope you like the review of Aurora 3D animation maker and I am sure it will help you a lot and will make your YouTube channel and website for appealing and eye catching. If you have any issue with the software you can directly contact them through their website or Facebook channel or can drop the comment below. In our coming YouTube videos you will also see our new introduction video which will be maid from Aurora 3D Animation Maker.


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