5 Ways AI can Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. The sophistication of AI and machine learning is well beyond our grasp. Consider that a Google AI recently created its own AI baby, which was more advanced than any other AI application created by humans.


Ways AI can Revolutionize Digital Marketing


Fortunately, AI is not coming for our jobs as digital marketers. In fact, a survey by Accenture Interactive found that 86% of digital marketers were optimistic that AI would improve their job performance. This is why search marketing firms have begun investing in new AI and machine learning technology to bolster their campaign successes.

But before we go any further, it’s important that we define what AI truly is. Essentially, AI is a system that attempts to replicate human intelligence. Machine learning is merely a subset of AI, designed to learn through reinforcement and experience.

While we picture AI being applied to military robotics and Jeopardy contestants, AI will have a tremendous, positive effect on digital marketing as a whole. Let’s analyze five uses of AI for digital marketing.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics lends itself more to machine learning, but incorporates the ability to predict future user actions based on past patterns. This could be used in AdWords campaigns, as well as a company’s CRM to create scorecards and recommend strategies to reach more customers with retargeting campaigns.

Using data extraction, predictive analytics software can create models that can anticipate the pathways that users will take to arrive at a purchase, as well as what and how much their purchase will be. This will help marketers in everything from campaign actions to testing.

A/B Testing

Manual A/B split testing can be cumbersome and void of any actionable insights. AI systems can be used to run campaigns through a set of algorithms that will test and predict the effectiveness of a campaign based on past tests and experiences. With AI, split testing not only saves you countless man hours, but it also delivers more accurate results and actionable data.

Chatbots and Assistants

We’re all pretty versed in virtual chatbots at this point and they will only become more much efficient and engaging as AI systems learn more about user behaviours. Chatbots and virtual agents offer your campaigns an initial point of contact and data that can be recorded and incorporated into future campaigns. From Facebook Messenger to native website chatbots, virtual agents can be employed to offer customers personalized content and assistance that leads to conversions.


AI and language processing has come a long way in the last decade. From literary writing personalized content to using carousel ads to display the most relevant ad to each individual customers, personalization will significantly increase conversions for firms that employ AI and deliver a more valued experience.

Even from the perspective of collecting more actionable data, AI can be used in micro-targeted campaigns to offer more personalized marketing messages.

Customer Relationship Management

Finally, this data can be used to understand more about your customers and tailor the right messages to their personalities and interests. From a smaller perspective, AI is already being used in CRMs to scores for each lead and group them by their likelihood to make a purchase.

All of this helps you to save money on marketing campaigns and deliver more relevant experiences.

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