3 Techs to Pick for Making the Most Out of eLearning Training

eLearning is the present-going-future in the corporate world.

There are many things an organization requires to smoothly commence the training of its employees. Technology makes up for a big chunk of those employee training requirements.

Parallelly, when a company opts for eLearning courses, simply deploying an online course and relying on it for a 360-degrees effect does not suffice the needs of a “good and effective” training program.

To really make a training schedule successful, a comprehensive system of intelligent processes is crucial.

And to make it possible, there are certain tools that can help you in efficiently training your employees and enhancing their skills for a long-term benefit.


3 Techs to Pick for Making the Most Out of eLearning Training


Here are some of the vital techs you might want to consider if you are starting a fresh round of training for your people.

Read on.


1. Authoring Tools

A good authoring tool makes up the base of any eLearning training course.

If you have decided to outsource specialized training courses for your employees such as Stock market courses, then you might not require an authoring tool. However, using it to create focused and more relevant courses according to your unique need has many advantages over simply outsourced courses.

– It speeds up the process of developing a customized eLearning training course substantially.

– It gives you the independence of updating and upkeeping all of the training material as per your requirements.

– You understand the needs of your staff better than anyone, so you will be able to produce a much better-suited and engaging course for them.

– It slashes the time for course development considerably.

– It’s highly economical and can be a profitable long-term investment.

You can even opt for a free trial eLearning authoring tool before deciding to make the final purchase according to the compatibility of your development team.


2. Project Management tools

Much like Authoring tools, management tools are also crucial when it comes to corporate training of, arguably, any scale.

Project management tools can get your entire training process organized, transparent and easily manageable in no time – one such tool in the market in Trello.

Based on the famous Japanese lean manufacturing and scheduling system Kanban, Trello provides you with a bird’s-eye view of all the tasks, their assignments, status, etc. at one place.

You can assign stakeholders and control and manage their usage and visibility rights on this platform. These stakeholders then contribute and update the necessary on their assigned boards with the provision of locally stored history of changes. These features not just make Trello an efficient management platform but also easily traceable.

Currently, it is available on a subscription basis. However, you can also find alternatives based on a one-time purchased license to suit your concerns.


3. Online Whiteboards

These tools are built solely for employee engagement in the best possible ways.

As their name suggests, they are like Whiteboards used in meeting rooms (only better).

These tools allow remote employees to collaborate and participate in the training processes effectively.

With features to enable easy and secure communication, both audibly and visually, real-time brainstorming, file sharing, and much more, these tools help in engrossing all the teammates with practical exercises.

This is especially a great tool for graphic designers and authors to effectively collaborate without much limitations from anywhere in the world.



Creating a cocktail of the right tools majorly depends upon research and requirements. If you correctly identify specific requirements for your specific teams, picking out the best tools for their benefits becomes much more manageable.

And as we all know, having the right technology at our dispense shoots up the productivity and efficiency of any process, even when it is the creation and implementation of eLearning courses.

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