How to Influence Customer Purchase Decisions

Increasing your sales can be an easy task when you understand what motivates your customers to buy your products. You can earn the trust of your customers when they derive value from using your products. Some factors that influence purchase decision can be addressed to make it easier for your customers to make purchases without any doubts of getting value.


Influence Customer Purchase Decisions


The following ideas will help you understand more about how buying decisions are made.


Peer reviews

A large number of customers first go online to read peer reviews before proceeding to make a purchase. While many customers trust these reviews, you can be sure that they are regularly monitoring peer reviews to find out more details about your products. To increase your sales, start publishing the glowing reviews posted by your satisfied customers on your site.

For businesses that sell commodity products, reviews can be copied from the main sites to encourage customers. However, you should not delete negative reviews; a few well written but negative reviews can boost your sales. However, too many will discourage potential customers.


Gathering information from multiple sources

There are so many sources to get product information online. The social media has a lot of free information, and the old media platforms still offer valuable insight about brands. Customers are more satisfied with their research after comparing the reviews from multiple sources.

The common strategy is the use of rank lists to compare similar products regarding their features, prices, and rating. Bestazy is an example of a standard rank lists site to compare reviews.


Positive customer experience

If a customer has had a good experience previously there is a higher tendency that they will become loyal to your brand. Good customer experience builds trust, and since the product is tried and trusted, they can recommend it to others.


Poorly designed websites discourage buyers

It is essential that your website is responsive and easy to use by all visitors. When you use fonts that are difficult to read, your customers can be discouraged from making purchases. They need to understand the functions of your products and the expected value. The content on your site can convincingly provide this information. Thus it is necessary to develop a good website that can be used by everyone.


The social media trends

Brands have focused on growing the number of their followers on social media in view of increasing sales. This has worked according to some reports however there are disputing reports that indicate this method is not as effective as portrayed.

However, the impact of social media trends cannot be overlooked as trending topics gather a lot of comments and shares online. This information reaches a larger audience, and many people will be convinced to purchase the product when they read the positive comments other users have made about the brand. It has also been noted that developing trust on social media is a slow process hence businesses that rely on this platform may need to work twice as hard to generate the response they desire.

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