A Must-Read Guide To Keeping Your Business Data Secure

All businesses will have heaps of data stored somewhere. This includes employee/customer data, info on your accounts – everything basically. All this important information is at risk of being stolen by someone if it isn’t secure.

I have four tips to help you keep your data safe and secure:


Cloud Networks

Storing your data on a cloud network can help keep it safe. If you’re using the cloud, then your data will all be stored online. This means that none of it will be on your PC at work. So, you don’t have to worry about someone hacking your office PC network and stealing data. The great thing about cloud networks is that the service providers deal with the main security. They ensure that your data remains completely safe and secure in the cloud. The only thing you need to worry about is creating a strong enough password for your account.



This brings me nicely to my next point; passwords. No matter how you’re storing your data, you should always require a password to access it. Your PC/laptop should need a password to log into the general operating system. Your cloud account needs a password too. Everything you do on a computer needs to have a secure password.

It’s important you come up with different passwords for everything too. Also, make them as complicated as possible so it’s harder for people to figure out. You can even make folders on your computer ‘password protected’ so they require one if you want to open them. By doing this, you’re making sure all that valuable data is safe and free from prying eyes.


Guide To Keeping business Data Secure
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Data Centres

A data centre is basically a big room that contains lots of data servers. These servers will store all your business data and everything that you do on your computers at work. It’s a handy way to keep your data onsite while freeing up actual PC storage. If you enlist the help of a data centre design service, you can keep your business data secure.

Not only will they help with the actual data security, but they’ll also help with physical security too. They can design your data centre so that it’s hard for people to access in the flesh. To access it, you’ll need a key or the combination to a lock. You can also have security personnel guarding your data centre if you wish.


Ethical Hackers

Generally, you associate the word ‘hackers’ with bad things and bad people. But, an ethical hacker is someone that can help out your business. Hire one to come and try and hack into your IT network and access data. Again, this may sound completely bizarre, but trust me! The purpose of this is to test your network security. If they find ways to get in, they’ll make a note of them and help fix the problems.

The idea is that they keep trying to hack in until they’ve completely fixed any security issues. By the time they’ve finished their job, you’ll have an impenetrable security network. This means you can relax and feel confident that all your business data is safe.

Hope you will follow some of the above points to keep your business data secure and safe. Do leave your comments and let us know your thoughts about this. If you are using some other methods, do let us know.


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