Remote Working: 10 Epic Things to Keep in Mind

Remote working and freelancing are becoming more and more popular. Remote workers feel empowered because they are the ones organizing their days and doing something they enjoy doing. That being said, remote working is not all that easy. You will have many challenges to face if you decide to take this route. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Remote Working: 10 Things to Keep in Mind


#1 Time Management

You won’t always have the time to think about a risk assessment process, health and safety regulations, or even any industrial action as a way of protesting. In fact, once you take up remote work, you will have to manage your time more attentively because you might actually have less of it than you used to. Remote workers and freelancers often have to work during the weekends, but you could still figure out a way to avoid doing that.


#2 Technical Issues

A big problem for remote workers who aren’t very tech-savvy is the technical issues that arise from time to time. This can be something small like your Internet connection failing (you can just find a public connection in McDonald’s, for instance) or your computer not starting at all (which you won’t be able to fix on your own). These technical issues can pose a threat to the gigs you are working on at the time – and even your relationships with clients.


#3 Overworking

Overworking is a huge issue for remote workers and freelancers. This is because of the mentality that “if I am not working, I am losing money” – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, you can earn money by working more, but will it be worth it in the long run when you feel exhausted and have no time to spend that money? This is exactly why time management is one of the key skills every freelancer or remote worker should possess.


Remote Worker Thinking


#4 Health Issues

Speaking of overworking yourself, you might be wondering when to take maternity leave as a remote worker or thinking, “If I quit the job after a week will I get paid.” But something you should really be worrying about is the health issues you could develop while working remotely. Because of a sedentary lifestyle, you could start gaining weight while your muscles will weaken over time. Always make time for physical exercise during scheduled breaks.


#5 Outsourcing

But let’s talk about something positive. To make more time for yourself and avoid overworking yourself, you can start outsourcing part of your work once you get the hang of how to be a confident remote worker. For example, you could use a writing service like Pick The Writer to hire writers who will write part of your articles. Once they write them, you will only have to edit the articles and send them to your client.


#6 Distractions

Even if you are a good writer who manages their time well and looks after their health, there is still the issue of distractions. They happen all the time and come in different forms. You could receive notifications on your phone or your dog might suddenly run into the room, wagging its tail, and begging you to pet them. If you don’t live on your own, everyone living with you will be distracting you at some point which is why you should set boundaries.


Remote Workspace


#7 Workspace

Speaking of organization, you need to make sure that your workspace has everything you need. Do you drink often? Make space for a few cups of tea. Do you have a desk right by the window? Make sure you can reach the blinds easily so you can shield yourself from the sun if you need to. Always make sure that you are comfortable in the workspace you have set up for yourself. Otherwise, your productivity may decrease significantly.


#8 Vacations

You won’t always be able to take time off work for family reasons because you will be expected to always be ready for everything and anything thrown at you. As a freelancer or remote worker, you could be traveling the world and constantly being on vacation, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you will actually have the time to rest and have fun. You can’t have a “normal” vacation, but you definitely have more control over it.


#9 Bad Habits

Health issues are often the result of developing bad habits. However, bad habits can appear without actually creating health issues for you. Not brushing your teeth because “nobody sees me anyway” might not give you holes in your teeth, but it’s definitely not a good decision to stop brushing your teeth altogether. You will need to be much stricter to yourself if you want to be a successful and satisfied remote worker or freelancer.


#10 Morale

Last but not least, it’s worth talking about morale. Willpower is extremely important when you are a remote worker because you are the only one who can keep yourself working even if you don’t feel like it. There is no boss to force you or motivate you. There are no colleagues to compete with. You are on your own – but your career is also only in your own hands.


Final Thoughts

To sum up, remote working is not for everyone. There are many advantages to it, but there are also many challenges, so you will need to consider everything carefully before you make the decision to become a remote worker or freelancer.

About the Author: Anna is a specialist in different types of writing. She graduated from the Interpreters Department, but creative writing became her favorite type of work. Now she improves her skills while working as a freelance writer for Pick The Writer to assist a lot of students all over the world and has free time for another work, as well. Always she does her best in the posts and articles.

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