Difference Between MacBook M1 Pro & M1 Max | Which One You Should Buy

On 18th October 2021, Apple launched its Macbook M1 Pro, and M1 Max at the ‘Unleashed’ Event. Apple fans are going crazy with the announcement of these two new chips together. While we were expecting Apple to release a follow-up for the M1 chip as they released Macbook Air in 2020, the fact they released two chips at once was shocking.

As exciting as it sounds, now people wonder which one will be a better option for them to buy. Unfortunately, there is not much difference between the price and specs of these two chips, so that may not be a deciding factor. However, in this article, we will compare Macbook M1 Pro and M1 Max to help you decide which one to buy. Read more about Robux Generator.


Apple Macbook M1
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MacBook M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max- Specifications


MacBook M1 Pro has a dual-chip configuration. One of them consists of a processor, and the other one consists of graphics. With 32 GB of unified memory, Apple claims M1 Pro has low latency and high bandwidth. The claim is accurate, though, because the memory bandwidth is 200GB/S, which is thrice the usual bandwidth capacity of the M1 chip.

M1 Pro also has 33.7 billion transistors, which is twice the speed of the M1 chip. It means this Macbook will take very little time to transfer files and data from one system to another. Talking about the chip’s performance, you must know that M1 Pro has 2 high-efficiency and 8 high-performance cores. Not only that, but if you are doing something rigorous, the high-performance cores will double their speed.

Now, talking about the graphics, M1 Pro contains a 16 core GPU with 2048 execution units. It also has a performance rate of 5.2 teraflops, which allows the chip to perform two times faster than the original M1 chip.

However, if we talk about the specifications of the M1 Max, it has a memory of 64 GB. On top of that, the 256-bit LPDDR5 interface, M1 pro, doubles the performance ratio to 512 bits. It proves that M1 Max can support more data, and it also performs much faster than the M1 Pro.

Apple MacBook M1 Max also has 57 billion transistors, which is more than M1 Pro. It shows that M1 Pro is the largest M1 chip Apple has ever made so far. However, the CPU of both M1 Pro and M1 Max are the same because of the same 10-core processor. So, it may come as a disappointment to some of you who were expecting something extraordinary from the M1 Pro CPU.

On the other hand, the GPU performance of M1 Max is far superior to M1 Pro. The GPU contains 4096 execution units, which is twice M1 Pro. with 10.4 teraflops of performance and 32 cores, M1 Max surpasses M1 Pro in many ways. The encoding performance in M1 Max is also double the M1 Pro. Read more about Clouthub App And How To Use It?


MacBook M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max- Performance


Comparing Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max will be challenging because we won’t get any practical evidence to support the theories. So until and unless they are launched and people use them, there won’t be any benchmark to judge their performance.

However, if we judge the performance ratio of M1 Max and M1 Pro, it looks like M1 Max will be much faster. Therefore, especially in terms of video sharing, file transferring, this chip will overshadow M1 Max in many ways.

The Apple executives did not disclose any concrete details on the chips’ performance at the ‘Unleashed’ event. But, they did say that both M1 Pro and M1 Max have a 10-core CPU, which enables them to perform 3.5 times faster than the original M1 chips in terms of project building.

Talking about the GPU performance of both these chips, the M1 Pro GPU performs 9.2 times faster for 4K rendering. On the contrary, the 32 core GPU of M1 Max performs 13.4 times faster than the rendering speed. But, M1 Pro does not lag much because it offers 5.6 times better GPU performance in terms of affinity photo.


MacBook M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max-Pricing


Ultimately, it all comes down to price if we choose one of these Macbooks, right?

So, you have to compare the performance of both chips against their cost. The M1 chip itself is so demanding that it makes any laptop expensive. So, when it comes to the Macbook itself, it will automatically increase the laptop’s price.

The 14-inches M1 Pro is priced at £1,899 / $1,999 / AU$2,999. But, the 16-inches M1 Pro is priced at £2,399 / $2,499 / AU$3,749.

The M1 Max’s price does not vary on the screen inches but rather on the graphical performance. If the GPU core of M1 Max is 24-core, it will cost £2,399 / $2,499 / AU$3,749. On the other hand, if the GPU core of M1 Max is 32-core, the price will be £2,999 / $2,999 / AU$4,449.


The Final Decision


So, it all comes down to one question: which one of these two Macbooks should you buy? According to the given details, we think you should go for M1 Max since it performs much faster than the M1 Pro. We know it is more expensive than the M1 Pro, but the price difference is hardly $500-$750, so that should not make much difference in your choice anyway.

Therefore, we think going for the M1 Max will be a better decision if you think long-term.


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