7 Websites to Create Free Blog

7 websites to create free blog

I know you are reading this article because you are fascinated by blogging and want to become a blogger. You must have heard successful stories of many bloggers and their huge earnings per month from your friends and other bloggers and want to start your own blog. If you are thinking to start your first blog and don’t have enough money and experience then this article is definitely for you. I have collected some of the free blogging website, where you can start your blog absolutely at no cost. [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8.1 Update: A Welcomed Change

Couponraja App

The evolution of Windows Phones in a way has been over-shadowed down the years. The rise of Android and iOS in the market has certainly made its presence a low key affair. However, the recent Windows Phone 8.1 update has surely uplifted the brand and has given Windows the much needed breath. [Read more...]

How to Transfer your Domain to Google Domains Service

Google domains transfer steps

Recently we posted our article on Google domains which is a new Google service and you can buy new domains or transfer existing ones. Google domains is providing many features for free and currently this is Invite only beta program. In this article you will know how to transfer your existing domain to Google domains with extra features. [Read more...]

How To Make Money with RevResponse

how to make money with revresponse

There are lots of methods of making money online in internet world and apart from CPC based advertising, affiliate marketing, direct advertising selling there are other methods too. Today in this article I will discuss how you can make money with RevResponse online just by simply promoting some of the free books and magazines. [Read more...]

How to Remove Image Border from Genesis Theme

image border before after

Genesis theme is one of the most use themes all around the world for the WordPress platform. And due to its very unique features and ease to use platform it is loved by thousands of bloggers and webmasters. If have knowledge of programming than you can also tweak this theme as per your need and this tutorial will tell you how to remove image border from Genesis theme or framework. [Read more...]

CellAllure Lite S Phone Review

lite s

There are many mobile brands in this telecommunication world and many new are emerging day by day. CellAllure is one of those emerging new company in US market with variety of Smartphones. Today I am going to review CellAllure Lite S Android Smartphone which is affordable in price and easy to use. [Read more...]

Google Domains : New Google Service

Google Domains

Website domains are online property of its owner and in this internet booming world thousands of domains are registered daily with different domain service providers like Godaddy, Bigrock, hostingraja, crazydomains, namecheap, Dreamhost, Name.com etc. Currently there are many domain service provider and the latest name which is added to this list is Google domains. [Read more...]

WP Auto Affiliate Links Giveaway & Review

WP Auto Affiliate Links Pro

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods in the internet to make money online. Many famous and professional bloggers are using affiliate marketing to earn thousands of dollars per month. This is not easy as sound and need learning and special tool to start earning online. [Read more...]

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