How to Earn Extra Money from Home

Earn Money from home

Today everyone wants to live a lavish and comfortable life, want to travel in a luxury car, give best education to their children’s and much more. All we want is MONEY. What if we could earn extra money from home to fulfill our extra needs. [Read more...]

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway Worth $599.5

Giveaway Tech2blog

I must tell you Digiarty software has been very kind to us. They have already sponsored our previous giveaway of WinX HD Video Converter and this giveaway of MacX DVD ripper pro is also supported by them, which is a fastest DVD ripper for windows users to backup their own DVD’s. [Read more...]

How to Create YouTube Channel for Google+ Page

How to Create YouTube Channel for Google+ Page

As discussed earlier YouTube is a very good platform to show your talent and earn money online while uploading your own videos to YouTube. YouTube has many great features from every aspects and from blogger point of view the features are awesome. Google+ pages are good way to promote your website and if you connect your Google+ page with then it can give you more benefits. [Read more...]

How to Increase Backlinks using Infographics

How to Increase Backlinks using Infographics

The graphic visual representation of information, knowledge or data projected to represent intricate information easily and speedily is referred to as information graphics commonly known as infographics. It can help to develop understanding by making use of graphics to improve the human visual system’s aptitude to observe trends and patterns. The entire process of creating information graphics or infographics can be termed as information design, data visualization or information architecture. [Read more...]

Why You Should Buy Moto G

Moto G should you buy it

There have been lots of development in the field of mobile and telecommunication. A lot of companies have come and gone with their phones. As per today’s latest trend Android OS is in demand and those mobile companies which are not able to give Android on their phones to consumer are lacking behind. Recently Google acquired company Motorola launched it’s latest Android phone Moto G, keeping price and specification in mind for Indian and worldwide consumers. [Read more...]

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Free Giveaway

winx HD converter-deluxe

Here we are with our other great giveaway which will be very beneficial for you. In this latest giveaway we are giving WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe licenses for free to our Windows and Mac users and by using this software you can quickly convert your videos to any other video format for your device like iPhone, Google Nexus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC one etc. with very good quality. [Read more...]

UnoTelly : Access Country Restricted Video Site from Anywhere

Watch country restricted Video Sites

Watching favorite TV channels, movies and shows is everybody right and choice and if you don’t have access to some of your favorite shows then it really feel very bad. If you are living in India or some other countries which do not have access to some of the video site and service like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify etc. which only offers their service on US and Canada, then do not worry, we have solution for it. UnoTelly is the name which you should know. [Read more...]

WinX DVD Copy Pro Giveaway by Digiarty

WinX DVD Copy Pro giveaway

DVD or digital video disc is very useful in our daily life. Whether we are saving our data in DVD or buying new DVDs of movie, games etc. With the increasing time and usage of DVDs, they tend to start getting scratches on their surface. Thus taking backup of your DVD is a good idea and specially for you guys Digiarty brings their awesome WinX DVD Copy Pro software for free as a giveaway. [Read more...]