Free Tools to create Quotation for Bloggers/Freelancers

Free Tools to create Quotation for Bloggers Freelancers

Working as a freelancer or a blogger is not an easy task even though you are making money sitting at your home. When you get any order for your service or advertisement, customer ask for an invoice and quotation for it. So how to provide that ?

This article is especially for solving your invoice and quote creating problems and will provide information about tools to create free invoice and quotation. [Read more…]

Sorry Robots, “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” is here !

Google reCaptcha

We all love the security of our website and try to maintain by using different service and features. CAPTCHA is one of that feature which helps in stopping robots to make SPAM comments but is very annoying for humans to fill it. To give more security to this feature and give less pain to real users Google has introduced new API that simplifies the reCAPTCHA experience and Google is calling it “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA[Read more…]

GOSF 2014 Promises Unprecedented GOSF Offers

Couponraja gosf

If you are an ardent online shopping lover, you would surely be looking forward for the biggest shopping festival of the year – The GOSF 2014. The mega event scheduled to start from 10th December to 12th December has already attracted a lot of attention among the potential shoppers in the online world, especially on the social media platforms. Riding on the legacy of the past two successful years, this year the event is going to be an extravagant affair. [Read more…]

Perfect Photo Suite 9 : Ultimate Tool for Photo Editing

perfect photo suite 9

Someone has said, a picture can speak a thousands words and I totally agree with it. Taking snapshots of our present and preserving it for future is a daily habit of the individual. We are busy capturing our moments through Smartphones, point to shoot cameras or DSLR at various places. If you are a photographer, beginner or professional and showcasing your work has always been a practice and for this Perfect Photo Suite 9 is a great tool for everybody. [Read more…]

Be Smart – Buy a Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia Windows Phone

If you are planning to buy a smartphone in recent times then checking out Windows based smartphones offered by Nokia seems to be a good idea. Along with the existing smartphones in the market, these phones are equally powerful and offer value for money too. [Read more…]

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Review and Giveaway

Internet download manager Giveaway

Downloading has been a very frequent activity for an internet user and almost everyday we download something or other. Downloading and managing our downloads is a very essential task and should be taken care. Internet download manager (IDM) is a downloading tool which has these facilities and we are going to review it today and also give free licenses/keys of IDM for winners of our giveaway. This tool will not only speedup our downloads but will also effectively manage them. [Read more…]

Free Online Tools for Lossless Compression of PNG/JPEG Pictures

We all know that images are very important and speaks more than thousand words. Without Images on your blog or website your blog can become very boring and dull. But sometimes your site may load slow due to the large size of images and can give a bad user experience. When it comes to image optimization, then we generally talk about the size of the image. So in this article I will tell you about many free online tools for lossless compression of PNG and JPEG pictures. [Read more…]

Reset Root Password in RHEL 7/Centos7 for Linux VM

RHEL 7 Reset root password

Few months back only, Red hat launched its major release 7 of Linux operating system. RHEL 7 is a major release as many of the system properties and services are changed in it. It uses Kernel version 3.10.0 and its support for VMware Tools and 3D graphics drivers is out of the box. Today in this video we are going to show you how to reset root password for your Red hat 7 or Centos 7 server if you have forgotten it in a virtual machine. [Read more…]