Why the ZTE ZMAX Pro Is an Affordable Alternative to the Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S8 stands out already as one of the best smartphones of 2017. Not everyone, however, can afford to purchase a high-end phone like the Galaxy S8. For those people, the ZTE ZMAX Pro offers an affordable alternative that comes with plenty of impressive features.


Similar Cameras Make It Easy to Take Great Pictures


Samsung Galaxy


The Galaxy S8 comes with a 12MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. People who own the Galaxy S8 have the ability to take wonderful pictures that document their journeys through life.

The ZTE ZMAX Pro has a comparable 12MP rear-facing camera with autofocus and an LED flash. Just point your phone at your target and snap a picture. It will look just as good on the ZTE ZMAX Pro as it would on the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 does have a superior front-facing camera. Its 8MP camera can take pictures that are slightly sharper than the ZTE ZMAX Pro’s 5MP camera. Unless you take a lot of selfies, it’s unlikely that you will notice the difference.


Both Cameras Have Excellent Security Features

Samsung has really pulled ahead of the pack by giving the Galaxy S8 iris, face, and fingerprint scanners. People who like high-tech features will obviously want the Galaxy S8. In reality, though, there are some questions about how well face-recognition software works compared to fingerprint sensors. If you want the highest level of security, it’s wise to use the fingerprint scanner.

ZNET chose carefully when it gave the ZMAX Pro a fingerprint sensor that can unlock the phone. Instead of spending money on features that may or may not work well, it focused on a tried-and-true option to keep users safe.


Comparable Download and Upload Speeds

One of the biggest advantages of owning a smartphone is that you can access the internet from practically anywhere. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and ZTE ZMAX Pro both have the ability to connect to 4G LTE networks that offer fast download and upload speeds.

When you get a ZTE Max Pro from a carrier like T-Mobile you are connecting to a fast, reliable network. Instead of waiting for content to download, you can start enjoying it within seconds.


The ZTE ZMAX Pro Has a Slightly Larger Display

Today’s consumers want larger smartphone displays that let them watch HD content. Manufacturers have to walk a fine line to get the size right, though, because no one wants to carry a gigantic device all day.

ZTE and Samsung have found the right balance. Samsung gave the Galaxy S8 a 5.9-inch display that’s perfect for watching television shows and browsing the internet. The edge-to-edge display means that just about every millimeter of the smartphone’s front gets covered by the screen. The device weighs 5.47 ounces.

The ZMAX Pro has a 6-inch screen that gives you an even better viewing experience. The phone, however, is a little larger than the Galaxy S8. ZTE still uses a frame that surrounds the display. The extra size increases the weight to 6.7 ounces. A few people won’t like the larger size and heavier weight. The average consumer, however, will happily trade the slender Galaxy S8 for a bigger smartphone if it means saving hundreds of dollars.


Similar Battery Lives for Busy Days

Battery life has become an important feature for today’s smartphone owners. Battery technology has grown an incredible amount over the last decade. Smartphone processors, however, have also become more sophisticated. Since recent processors use more power than older models, batteries may seem like they can’t keep up with your demands.

The ZMAX Pro and Galaxy S8 offer more than 24 hours of talk time. You can talk on either phone all day before you need to recharge. You still may need to recharge your device if you surf the web or stream content frequently, but the average person won’t have any problems with the ZMAX Pro or Galaxy S8 because they were designed to meet the needs of people on the go.

Before you buy your next phone, take a close look at the ZTE ZMAX Pro. It doesn’t have precisely the same features of the Galaxy S8, but it comes surprisingly close. When you consider that the ZMAX Pro retails for about $100, you’ll understand why so many people can’t wait to get their hands on this new device.


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