YouTube Mobile Live Streaming at 2K Subscriber?

Hope you are clear with the title, what we are going to talk today. YouTube has grown tremendously and new creators are joining YouTube like never before. From daily vlogs to tech talks, everything is on YouTube now recorded and live both. In this article you will know if getting mobile live streaming enable for YouTubers having subscriber less than 10,000 (10K) is possible or not.


YouTube Mobile Live Streaming at 2K Subscriber


What is YouTube Mobile Live Streaming?


I am sure, we all know what is live streaming. Going live on YouTube is YouTube live streaming and it is a un-edited video. Viewers can chat live in such live streams and can interact with YouTuber.

There is also one special chat called Super Chat and it is a new way to monetize live streams where your viewers can purchase chat messages in your live streams and currently available for more than 20 countries, which includes Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom, United States and many more.

YouTube creator can do live streaming from desktop and mobile directly. You just have to go to the YouTube creator studio and click on Live Streaming.

But here comes the catch!

YouTube live streaming for mobile is only available for YouTubers who has subscriber count more than 10K.

Here is what YouTube has to say about doing live streaming from mobile. These lines are taken from the official YouTube Blog. Check full post here.


The roll out of our new mobile live streaming feature to every creator with more than 10,000 subscribers (the rest of you will have it soon!). It’s a launch that’ll put the power of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of talented creators, giving them a more intimate and spontaneous way to share their thoughts, lives, and creativity.


Is It Possible To Get Mobile Live Streaming for Subscriber Less Than 10K?


The answer to the above question is YES.

Yes, it is possible to get mobile live stream enable for less subscriber. We are not faking. One of the YouTube channel has got mobile live streaming facility with just 2K subscribers.

Don’t Believe me?

Technical GupShup is the only YouTube channel which has got the mobile live streaming enabled for only 2K subscribers.

Below are some of the videos you can check. The first video is aired live from mobile. There are many other live streamed videos on Technical GupShup channel which is done through mobile.




I am not sure how that channel got a YouTube live stream for mobile so early with so less subscriber and even they also don’t know that. 🙂

It looks like this YouTube channel use to live stream a lot from desktop, so YouTube enable that feature for even mobile seeing their live stream history.


I am sure, till now you must have watched above videos and now you believe me that getting YouTube mobile live stream is possible with less subscribers also. If you are one of the channel which has also got this live streaming feature do let us know through your comments.

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