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On January 31, 2014
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WP Indexer is a great tool to get your all website/blog pages indexed faster in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

In today’s fast world of competition, day by day billions of pages are being added on the internet. With this it is not possible for Google or other search engines to index all the pages. It has really become a cause of concern as how to get your page indexed by the Google in a short time and get some profit. When Google would index the webpage, a backlink would be given to the target site. So you would not get any money if the webpage containing your back link has not been crawled.

WP Indexer fast search engine indexing

But now, no more worries. WP indexer enables you to get your page index faster in the search engines. WP indexer would help you a lot in increasing the index rate of the target site. So the time when you will post something new, WordPress will send its details to pingomatic and further distributed to other complementary services. Later, these new URLs would be continuously visited by Google and this would the greatest advantage to the indexer. The idea behind the WP indexer is to give information to the search engines that you have added some brilliant content to your site and to come and have a look at it.

How does it work?

Basically, it starts it work by analyzing whether your web pages have been indexed by Google or not. If yes, then no link will be displayed. But if the pages have not been indexed, they will show a link in your site so as to endow Google to see them quickly while they visit you. As soon as the web pages are indexed, the links would automatically vanish. This is the main principle behind the working of the WP indexer and same process is repeated all over again to confirm that all of your web pages have been indexed at the search engines.

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In short, you need not move even your hand once you have added any content to your site or blog. It would be automatically added to the link list and as soon as Google takes a peek, the web pages would be crawled by it. It is quite an intoxicating feature that the indexing of the articles depends only up on auditing your RSS feeds each second, minute and every time you will add any content.

What else using the WP indexer?

WP indexer will provide you building links which will ensure the redistribution of your web pages throughout the internet and hence your content will be indexed by most of the search engines providing much more profit to you. Once you buy it, it will offer free updates till the lifetime and the buying process and installation is much easy. You will get hundreds of benefits using the WP indexer. All you need is just giving it a try and the number of viewers to your site would definitely increase to several times. I bet you would love the plug in as soon as you start getting the benefits. So try it today and let us know your experience.

WP Indexer is a great tool to get your all website/blog pages indexed faster in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


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