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WP Auto Affiliate Links is a good affiliate marketing plugin and you should try its free WordPress plugin and if you like it you can buy Pro version for more functionality.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods in the internet to make money online. Many famous and professional bloggers are using affiliate marketing to earn thousands of dollars per month. This is not easy as sound and need learning and special tool to start earning online.

There are many WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing and today we are going to discuss and review WP Auto Affiliate Links plugin and would also run a giveaway so that 3 lucky bloggers and affiliate marketers can win this WordPress plugin for free and increase their online earning.

Note: If you are not serious about making money through Affiliate marketing then this article is not for you.

A WordPress auto affiliate link is a tool which helps in adding affiliate links automatically into your content. You can also add links manually yourself and also through a data feed. This plugin is freely available for use in WordPress plugin directly.

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Free version of this plugin allows you to include affiliate links based on keyword and you can define which keyword should link to which particular affiliate link.

WP auto affiliate link also have feature to exclude particular post and it can also import and export data feed for auto linking of affiliate link with a particular keyword. You can use csv format to upload your feed.

It also has many other setting like disabling link cloaking, managing affiliate link frequency, making link nofollow or dofollow etc.

WP Auto Affiliate Links comparison free Pro

If you want extra features like the automatic integration of Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale affiliate links then you should definitely check WP auto affiliate link pro version.

PRO Features of WP Auto Affiliate Links

1. Easy affiliate link management.
2. More money from affiliate marketing.
3. Time saving while adding links and managing them.
4. Focus more on your website and content.
5. Automatic integration of Amazon, Clickbank and shareasale affiliate links.

WP auto affiliate link Pro version not only give all facility of free version but also provide automatic affiliate linking of popular affiliate networks Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale.

All the option in this plugin are self explanatory with simple settings and easy to configure. Just install the plugin and see the magic.

WP auto affiliate links setting

Above screenshot clearly shows that how simple it is to put your affiliate ID’s of Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale in this plugin and start earning through affiliate marketing. You can also select particular category base on your website niche.

My Experience of WP Auto Affiliate Links

I am using Pro Version of WP auto affiliate links in one of my blog from the past few days and experience is really awesome. Whenever visitor visit your page this plugin scans your page for keywords and on the basis of that keywords, it includes your affiliate links to that proper keyword.

wp auto affiliate links generated

This intelligent plugin link very relevant affiliate links with your keywords. And you can see a live example of this plugin live on my personal blog www.pawanbahuguna.com. Above is the screenshot of keyword and link generated by that.

Price of WP Auto Affiliate Links

This amazing affiliate product is free to use and is available in the WordPress plugins database and if you want to use its PRO feature then you will have to pay monthly fees of $9 and comes with full support from its developer and access to the latest updates.

WP auto affiliate links comes with a full money back guarantee and you can request money back within 60 days of purchase. You can purchase this product from ClickBank.

Giveaway of WP Auto Affiliate Links

We are not only reviewing this product but also giving 3 copies of WP auto affiliate links pro for free to our lucky users. The cost of this PRO version of this product is $9/month and we are giving 3 copies for 1 year. So the total value of this giveaway is $108×3 which is equal to $324.

Good Luck for the giveaway and participate and share daily to increase your chance to win this awesome wordpress plugin. Rules of this giveaway are same as previous ones.

Hope you like the review of WP auto affiliate link and will use this product if you are really thinking to boost your online affiliate marketing. If you have any doubt regarding this plugin or its feature let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe to Tech2Blog.com by Email to get free giveaway on your inbox time to time.

WP Auto Affiliate Links is a good affiliate marketing plugin and you should try its free WordPress plugin and if you like it you can buy Pro version for more functionality.

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