Why Do People Love Android Handsets So Much?

My mom always said to me there are two things you should avoid talking about. Not unless you want to spend hours debating everything until you are blue in the face! She was referring to religion and politics.


But, it seems there is now another thing that should probably get added to the list: smartphones! The age-old Android versus iPhone debate will never end. Everyone can agree that both types of the smartphone have their pros and cons. But no-one will ever agree which one is “the best”!


Man using Android phone
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I’m an iPhone person myself. It’s not that I have a total dislike towards Android devices. It’s just that I use a lot of Apple stuff for home and work. And so things seem to “talk” to each other better when they’re from the same manufacturer.


Today, I will play devil’s advocate and discuss the features that people love on Android phones. By the way, I have owned many Android devices in the past, so I feel qualified enough to talk on the subject!


App Management


On the iPhone, if you have an app that isn’t playing ball, you can usually kill it from your task list. The way to do that, in case you wondered, is by double-pressing the “Home” button and swiping the app image upwards on iOS 8 and above.

You might think that the app process is killed. But what about the cache or internal memory that app uses? One reason the app got stuck might have been because of an issue with its cache memory!


With Android, you can go to Settings > Application Manager. From there, you can kill apps, clear caches and see what memory each app uses. Yes, you can do the latter on iOS too. But there’s no way to clear cache memory unless there is an in-app setting to do so.


Lock screen widgets


The sad truth about Apple is that they don’t let you customize the lock screen on your iPhone, save for the background image.


With Android, you can add any screen “widgets” you want. Issa Asad of Florida wrote in to say that all Android smartphones had this feature available for years. Come on Apple – let us poor iPhone users get access to the same functionality!


Interface Customization


One thing that bugs me about iOS is how locked down it is. You have to stick with the style of icons, the fonts and the way things get displayed, in general. I’m sure you can do those things if you jailbreak your iPhone, but it’s not something that I am interested in doing.


Android users have the ability to change their user interface to suit their needs and styles. There are apps that let you change the look of app icons too.




iPhone users have to double-tap if they want to switch to another app. With some Android smartphones, you can use split-screen multitasking. So, if you have a Samsung or LG device, you can run two apps side by side.


As you can see, they are just one of the many reasons why people love Android smartphones so much!

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