5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy New Nokia 3310

I know many of you may disagree with the title of this article and want to buy the new Nokia 3310 as it is redesigned version of the legendary Nokia 3310 phone, but before buying it, you must think on below points and then act accordingly as overall it’s your choice. In this article will tell you why you shouldn’t buy Nokia 3310.


Should you Buy New Nokia 3310


Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend New Nokia 3310


1. Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the major factors for not recommending new Nokia 3310 phone. In India, where we are talking about digital India, 4G & 5G technology and where we are getting free 4G internet, will anyone would like to use 2G?

Yes, Nokia has decided to give only 2G connectivity for calling and texting. So, don’t expect any 4G VoLTE service in this phone.


2. Camera

The camera is another important factor for me and with new Nokia 3310, you only get primary camera and that of only 2 MP and also it lacks a secondary camera. May be this is due to the fact that this is the entry level phone as per Nokia, but as Nokia has revamped this phone, I believe they could have done something different.

2 MP Camera is of no use these days. Though I am happy that they have provided LED flash.


3. Design & Size

As per the initial images released by Nokia, the phone looks little bulky, though color variation in which phone is available are good.

Size of this phone is 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm, which is little thick than many Smartphones. From back side the phone looks like Nokia Asha phone, which was launched few years back with dual SIM.


4. Battery & Storage

The new Nokia 3310 comes with 1200 mAH battery life which as per Nokia will provide a maximum talk time of up to 22.1 hours and standby time up to 31 days, but I don’t think 1200 mAH is enough these days for any phone.

If we talk about storage, Nokia is only providing 16 MB of internal memory and if you will save only 2 songs having 360 kbps bit rate your phone memory will be full. Yes, I know it has slot for 32 GB MicroSD card, but I am talking only from the internal memory perspective and keeping in mind other available option in the market.


5. Price

As per Nokia website price of new Nokia 3310 phone is €49, which is around 3440 Indian Rupee. And I don’t think this normal phone (not a smartphone) should cost that much because at Rs.3500 you can easily get a brand new entry level smartphone from companies like Micromax, Intex, Swipe, etc.

We all need value for our money, but this phone does not provide any extra value at that rate.

Finally, I must say that the new Nokia 3310 phone looks robust and durable, if you are looking only for these 2 things, you can BUY it. Else go for another option available at the same price range.

This was my opinion and I am sure many of you will agree with me and many will disagree. Do let me know what are your thoughts and opinion about new Nokia 3310 through your comments. If you like the post do not hesitate to share it.

Image Courtesy: Nokia.com

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