What Can You Do With a Degree in Economics?

A degree in economics may sound boring, or like your whole life is going to revolve around numbers and what people buy and sell, but it’s more exciting than that. Economics encompasses everything from the market to how much your computer costs to the housing market itself. A job in this field can be stressful; it’s a lot to learn. For those who are strong-willed and are ready to get into this complex and ever-changing industry: here are some of the top jobs you can get with a degree in economics.


What Can You Do With a Degree in Economics?



Economists are an everything-man when it comes to having a degree in economics. They do market research, but they also discuss what the current company policies will do to the company’s financial side and what can be changed. Their research varies from person to person, ranging from housing to fine jewelry to rent and employment. These pros can minor in whatever subject they want to specialize in, but many learn on the job.


Financial Manager

The name ‘financial manager’ is a pretty obvious description of what this job entails. Taking care of an individual or company’s finances allows this manager to help plan an intelligent financial future. This job is the most stressful on the list because one slip-up could lose you thousands without trying.


Economic Expert

With a degree in economics, these experts can help companies avoid lawsuits: or help employees once a case has begun. Companies go over what workplace discrimination might happen or what these businesses can do to prevent a lawsuit; for individuals, they do the opposite work and figure out where the company messed up.


Market Research Analyst

The markets, ranging from the financial one on wall street to the housing market in every large city, are looked over by market research analysts. They look for trends in what’s selling and what’s being offered, and then they figure out whether something is a good investment or a bad one. Companies can also hire them to decide whether they should go forward with land or purchase.



Whether they’re a personal accountant, they work for a firm, or they’re a business accountant, these pros are necessary for our way of life. These economic-degree-holders’ job is to read over the information given to them and layout financial plans based on that. Although this job has dozens of smaller pieces of work built into it, it’s fun and exciting work you won’t get bored of.


Data Analyst

The name ‘data analyst’ may sound boring to some, but this job is a profoundly varied and intense field. Being a data analyst means that you pour over information that’s given to you and check for trends and mistakes, leading to predicting what is yet to happen.

These professionals can work in forensics as a crime data analyst to the economy as an economic analyst. This information may update often, but an education in this is as vital as any other.

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