Websites – They Don’t Run Themselves

If we think of a website, any website – we need to think of a gateway. Now, the internet is driven by information, but that information is opened up by websites. If we need prices, products, information, knowledge and any other things – the internet offers them to us, but only through the gateways that websites offer. Gateways into little unique worlds – whether they be a portfolio full of art, or a store full of products. The internet only exists to its full capabilities with websites, but websites cannot exist without the internet!

The internet, unless there’s a major unprecedented catastrophe, will always exist – flawless, but websites come and go. They succeed, and they fail. The platform will always remain, but how successful will the websites be upon that platform? It all depends on how proactive the owner, or business running the website is.

They need to own that website, keep it updated and keep it running. Websites are amazing things and can be portals into amazing worlds, but only if they are updated. As great as they are and as incredible as the tech behind them is, they aren’t great at automation.


Websites Don't Run Themselves


In the modern day, a web site for many can represent income – from blogging, selling designing or another profitable outlet. Like a storefront, a website falls apart without care. If that’s your only source of income, do you let it fall away? Do you let it erode? Of course, the issues that can affect physical stores in the real world are unique as are the issues that affect web sites – but the same rule applies. Will you fix issues, will you pay someone to do it for you, or will you let your source of income erode. You don’t need to be fired to lose your job on the internet.

To be the best website owner, be it for business, personal or professional use – you need to be proactive. Does the code holding your website up actually hold up on every single device used to access your site? Does it look bad on the Samsung S8 or wonky on the iPhone 7? If so, work needs to be done, or users on those phones cannot access the site well, and that work will not perform itself. Can your website hold a bunch of visitors and handle traffic?

If not, it will succumb to the Slashdot Effect and be crippled by popularity unless you take notice, contact your web hosting service like PAC Web Hosting, and ask for more space before it is too late.

As technology becomes more advanced, maybe your site will run itself. Design options like Wix and Squarespace are optimized on a whole bunch of devices automatically – maybe this could be the precursor to something greater in web design? We enjoyed Web 1.0 which showed us the internet, Web 2.0 which focused on sharing and relationships – is Web 3.0 around the corner? Will it feature sites that evolve and run themselves? Maybe – but right now, it is you who needs to run your website.

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