5 Top Reasons why New Bloggers get banned from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most genuine paid per click (PPC) network to earn online money from home. If you are in the blogging world, you must have come to know about it. Though the policies of Adsense program are tough and if the webmaster or blogger doesn’t follow them, they get banned from Google Adsense program very easily. This article focus on mistakes which usually leads new blogger getting banned from Google Adsense program.

Top Reasons why New Bloggers get banned from Google Adsense

If you search about top Adsense earners in the world, You will get an Idea how people are living full time on Google Adsense. But reading this also may give wrong inspiration to young bloggers and instep of making some quick money, they may also get banned from Google Adsense program.


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So if you are serious about earning money online and protecting your Google Adsense account from banning read below points and implement which needs your attention.


Reason why New Bloggers get banned from Google Adsense


1. Involved in Invalid Clicks: This is one of the top reasons for getting the Google Adsense account banned by a newbie blogger in search of quick money.

New Adsense users, who don’t have a proper knowledge about Adsense policies, try to get invalid clicks by asking friends, family members to click on their ads. Even sometimes they join, click exchange groups where they ask to click on their Google Adsense ads in exchange for the same service.

I must tell you, such bad practices are not good and is tracked by Google and if you are doing so, STOP it now.

Sometimes it may happen that while checking your website after modification you unintentionally clicked your own Google Adsense ad, in that case don’t worry. Google too understand that small mistakes happen and does not ban you for that. So be cool.

2. Popup & Content Covering Ads: I have seen many blogs, where blog owner or webmaster has embedded the Adsense ads above the content or almost covering the content making it difficult to read the content. This may lead to disguise and visitor will have to click the ads which violate Adsense policy.

Popup advertisement is very annoying and Google also thinks the same way and if you are in the practice of putting popup ads on your website, I bet you will get your Google Adsense account banned soon. Though you have full freedom to do experiments and place Adsense ads at different location on your blog.

Remember Google tracks its ads very strictly and efficiently, so better remove those Google Adsense ads from your popup inventory.

3. Plagiarism and Copyright Material: Creating original content is difficult for new bloggers, so to earn fast cash they start copying material from another website which leads to plagiarism penalty and original content creator can also complain to Google about it.

Copyright material is a very serious issue and Google also has zero tolerance policy for it. If you think you can drive traffic by offering free download links of movies, software’s, songs etc. then you are totally wrong.

As per Google Adsense program policy, you cannot promote copyright material and if you are doing so, you are going to get an email from Google for violating their policies. So be alert and remove those copyright materials now.

4. Editing Adsense Code: You can’t edit the original Adsense code as per your need and if you do so, you get banned from Adsense program.

Modifying Adsense ad code has been practice of new blogger, it may be for different tweaks like hiding or making Adsense ads invisible, trying to put more than 3 units of ads, or making ads floats to get attention of visitors etc.

Though you are free to do A/B testing, setting custom channels, responsive ad units, etc. So don’t even try to modify any Google Adsense code. I will recommend you to please read complete Ad modification Google Adsense policy.

5. Encouraging clicks: Above I told you that invalid clicking is not allowed in the Google Adsense program and similarly encouraging clicks and asking visitors to click Adsense ads is also not allowed.

New bloggers think that they are smart enough to fool Google and ask their users to click on Ads shown on their website by making some sort of signs and signal to click on ads. I have seen promoting text like “click the ads”, Sponsored Links”, “support us”, “visit these links”, etc.

Note that you can put labels as “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements” above Google ad units, but not “Favourite Sites“, “Today’s Top Offers“, “Support Us” etc.


Note: Once your Google Adsense account is banned, you can’t get it back.


The above points are the top reason why new bloggers get their Google Adsense account banned and if you are concerned about your precious Adsense account, I will suggest you to avoid such mistakes and follow every Google Adsense policy and keep making passive income for yourself.

Do let me know what you think about how new bloggers are chasing money and violating Adsense policy. The points above are very practical and I have seen and experienced them as I am Google Adsense publisher for 6 years. Do provide your feedback on this article and don’t forget to share it with your social network.

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