Top Pioneers In Television: The Names You Should Recognise

There are certain people who will never get the credit they deserve. They are the pioneers who helped to bring about modern television. In the interests of fairness, we’re going to highlight some of the best important names today. We hope doing that helps to educate a few of you about the people who’ve brought that entertainment into your home. You probably haven’t read their names anywhere before, and so you should pay attention. Who knows? Reading this post might even assist you in winning a pub quiz one day.


Names you should know when you talk about Television


Constantin Perskyi


Ever wondered who coined the term “television?” Well, now you know. Constantin Perskyi was a Russian scientist who came up with the name in 1900 at the 1st International Congress of Electricity.


John Logie Baird


The first man ever to demonstrate practical image amplification using the Nipkow disk was John Logie Baird. He was a Scottish engineer with a particular fascination with the subject.


Kenjiro Takayanagi


Kenjiro Takayanagi was the first man ever to demonstrate an electric television. He did that in Japan during 1926. His name has gone down in history because many scientists did not believe it could be done at the time. Sadly, his work was hindered by the start of the second world war. However, the UK and US had gained access to the technology by that time.


Those three names should be considered the most important in the history of TV. All of those people have informative Wikipedia pages, and so you can perform more research at your leisure. Alternatively, you can find out more from the infographic.


Top Pioneers In Television: The Names You Should Recognise
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